Monday, 10 March 2008

My Bag Collection #20

Prada 'Vintage' Wild Boar Skin Leather Pouch

It's now 20 bags and counting! So to commemorate the 20th 'My Bag Collection' post, I dug out a 'vintage' Prada piece I have collected since Fall/Winter 2001 and assigned its rightful place in this blog:-P You might wonder why is a bag of seven years considered vintage? Well, to me, fashion is fleeting. One season is like a year. Over ten seasons ago is considered vintage.:-P

So here you are, presenting the almost brand new Prada Wild Boar Skin Pouch. Made of grained wild boar skin (I immediately thought of roasted pig on a chinese restaurant menu!), apparently very durable and scratch resistant. And I can attest to that claim. This bag will not easily reveal any scratches you get on the leather if you happened to give them a hard knock or two. The polished leather is surprisingly nice to touch and is structured and yet soft. This is what gives the pouch its great shape even after so many years.

Why would I invest SGD $990 for a tiny little pouch from Prada in 2001? The reason is the design! This ingenious bag features 2 metal hooks on the top that can be attached either to a shoulder strap or amazingly to your belt so it works like a waist pouch! Almost like a workman's tool pouch! I thought that was pretty cool. I always adored designs with duality.

The pouch is fastened with a long slender leather strap and has 2 separate interior compartments and a zipped pocket. In the 'pre ipod' days, strapping this pouch around the waist was not very comfortable as I had to adjust the belt all the time to keep it from slipping down. But now, with the tiny ipod Nano, this bag suddenly becomes so appropriate if I just want my hands and back free to shop around town:-) Perfect for travel as well as it holds all your travel documents and the small size is never incumbent. A signature Prada crest is attached to the back of the bag so your investment will not go unnoticed.

After so many years, I still feel the bag has not gone out of style. In fact, the vintage military design has garnered more and more character over the years.

Retail price: SGD $990. Where to buy: Prada Boutique at Palais Renaissance (now closed)


uclaboi said...

Oh... I love this Prada bag. I should have gotten this back then. totally regret it now :( Love your collection, though!

Kevin said...

Thank you! Yeah, we all face the experience of missed opportunities every now and then.:-) Dun despair, you will find better bags!:-) hehe