Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Material Boy #35

Jil Sander Translucent Mesh and Leather Tote

This season for Jil Sander was all about lightness and transparency. If you look at the men's and women's collections for spring 2008, you will notice the layering of translucent materials over a shirt or a dress. It is a very forward sensibility, contemporary fashion for the really modern people. So in order to match up these gorgeous looks, Jil Sanders offers you matching bags in the same manner.

Made out of some plastic translucent mesh material and leather, this tote is made for the exhibitionist. Why do I say that? Cos' when you use this bag, you will be thoroughly exposed to the prying eyes of on-lookers with all the contents of your bag will be presented for everyone to see. So you better make sure you get your stuff organise and no unsightly contents should be placed inside(such as your ugly umbrellas or receipts). Even your tissue paper has to be covered in some nice casing so you dun lose the cool factor of the bag:-) Although the bag has a big interior pocket with multiple compartments, you still need to make a conscious effort not to mess up the insides while using this bag.

I love the bag. But is it worth all the stress? There is something about exposing your bag contents that gets me nervous. Sought of like being 'naked' infront of people on the street. What you carry inside your bag speaks a thousand words about the person you are, your lifestyle, your pet peeves. So is it okay to have that 'broadcast' in public, well, I guess different people will have different views on that. I am the kinda guy who throws all my things inside my bag, yes, even unsightly tissue paper and plastic bags for wet umbrellas(Oops!). Yeah, the not so glamourous side of things which I have always been able to concealed in my other non-translucent bags. :-) An advantage I have to give up if I use this Jil Sander tote.

Nonetheless, even with this hassle, I adore the design. The translucent aspect of the bag is refreshing. It is light and conveys an airy nonchalant attitude when you tote this around. Different from other run-of-the-mill bags you see all the time. And if you look closely, the zippers are align in a symmetrical zig-zag position. This attention to details is very impressive. The tote has a zipper opening with studded long handles and comes in 3 colours, Dark Navy, Grey and White. I guess, the least translucent version of the three will be the Dark Navy.

Will give it some serious thought before committing to this bag. I might have to readjust the way I use bags when I acquire this. To satisfy the 'exhibitionist' side of you, be prepared to shoulder the burden of the hefty price tag on your credit card as well:-P

Retail price: SGD $1790. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


Shoe-Holic said...

Hi just wondering if you have seen the S/S 08 all-leather backpack from Jil Sander @ C21Men?

Kevin said...

No, I dun see that in the store. They have other all leather black bags which is not nice(in my books).:-)