Thursday, 6 March 2008

My Shoe Collection #13

Dolce Gabbana Suede Loafers

I love to buy shoes when there's a sale! Since I own so many pairs of shoes, sale time is the best time to get basic shoes that has timeless designs and can last me for many years to come. I will usually pay full price for shoes which are unique and I know they will be sold out before sale time.

So this pair of Dolce Gabbana was a gem in my 'sale shopping' a couple of years back (got it at a hefty 37% discount!). Made of soft suede in a brownish stone colour. Classy and sophisticated with simple DG metal hardware across the top of the shoe. Low heel and leather lined, this pair of loafers works with dapper chic or even jeans and bermudas.

Retail price: SGD $799. Where to buy: Dolce Gabbana Boutique at Hilton Hotel


the Swede said...

We seem to share a similar taste.
I have the same shoes, but in light brown, which I bought at a 40% discount, haha..

Kevin said...

Haha:-) great minds think alike eh?

How do you find the shoes? I have not worn them yet to be honest. but try it on several times at home..:-P


the Swede said...

I have only worn them once so far. They look great, the suede has a very great feel. It's strange that one can see the difference between bad quality suede and good quality suede from several meters away. I'm not sure how really. It just tells.