Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gender Bender #08

Marni Large Crinkled Leather Tote

I guess by now I am coming across as a fan of Marni since I have blog about the brand here for many times already. Yes, I see eye to eye with Consuelo Castiglioni's aesthetics. I admire her ability to create a quirky and yet totally relevant and wearable style for the brand. So here's another recommendation of her creations, the very chic, Marni Large Crinkled Leather Tote.

To be upfront, this bag is not for every man, considering the bag is of a bucket style and trapeze shape. However, I feel some men may just have the flair to pull out this beautiful tote. Just takes a bit of confidence and the right outfit/look and it will come across like any other man tote. The sporty canvas belt handle and simple metal handle slots plays a huge part in injecting masculinity into the bag. This canvas strap can even change from a double handle to single strap( probably shoulder). How ingenious! But what is most alluring for the bag is the crinkled leather with its distinctive veining. Beautifully textured and varnished, it will make heads turn when you work this baby.

Comes with nylon lining and 2 internal pockets, one of which is zipped.

Available in bright orange or Khaki. I personally recommend Khaki for men and orange for women. But the confident male can surely pull off the orange as well if you want a splash of colour to brighten your summer!

Retail price:
1) UK 532.72 pounds (, orange only. Free int'l shipping till 10 Mar 08)

2) UK 575 pounds (, both colours are available there)


bagcraze said...

i love marni... i think i've seen the orange one on but the sides were folded inside so it doesn't look as pretty as in ur post :)

Kevin said...

yes, marni is so creative and quirky. and the style is pretty timeless:-)

I personally love the brown version. it is very nice with the heavy veining on the varnished leather.:-)