Friday, 4 April 2008

The Material Boy #61

Comme Des Garcons Silver Print Canvas Trainers

Canvas trainers are one of the most ingenious shoes ever designed:-) Using canvas material means it keeps the costs down, have myriad possibilities to add prints and designs to the fabric, and is light weight and easy to wear day to day.

I swear by my converse shoes and anything lookalike. This pair of nice off-white canvas trainers from Comme Des Garcons is a good example of creativity with canvas printing. Silver graphics is printed on the fabric which gives it a quirky look. The simple matching of off-white and silver is neutral combination and will add a 'shiny' street touch to any look you are wearing.

Best thing is, despite it being Comme Des Garcons, the price is so affordable! This shoe design reminds me of her collaboration with Fred Perry. Maybe it is.

Retail price: UK 85 pounds. Where to buy:

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