Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The Material Boy #72

Marc Jacobs Suede Lace-up Shoe with Pink Trim

With shoes in colours like this pair of Marc Jacobs suede lace-up shoe, you know summertime is here! Although Singapore does not have any seasonal changes, it is still comforting to know the world is getting warmer and everyone gets into a more cheery mood:-) Dressing becomes more casual with bright colours and lesser clothes.

This pair of lace-up shoe is imbued with a strong summer feel:-) A bright pink trim adds to the quirky and fun style. This easily pair up with madras shorts and add a dash of bright hue to a simple outfit. Definitely makes you get noticed in the 'colour wars' going on the street:-) I love it!

Found this on a new retail website called The site is operated by

Retail price: US $460. Where to buy:


Jens said...

I just checked out, it seems to be a great shop. There are not that many good online shops for mens fashion I think. Do you have any other recommendations? I specially like smaller ones, with a select assortment and unique pieces, not only the big brands. I have actually never bought any fashion from the internet.

Kevin said...

hi Jens,

yeah, seldom you get sites dedicated to menswear. and the labels for this site is very rare. Like Les Homme, Hussein Chalayan etc. So now a new place to shop eh? hehe

I have done many online purchase. Choose a respectable site and you should be fine.

Jens said...

Good evening Kevin,
have you had a nice day?

I buy a lot of things from other sites, like books, so it's not that I don't trust online shopping. It's just that I haven't found any good menswear online stores. And clothes is a bit difficult, I normally want to try them on. But bags should be fine.
When you order a big thing like a bag, how does it work, do you get it delivered to your home? What about buying from a foreign site, do you have to pay Singaporean VAT and custom?

Kevin said...

Hi Jens,

good day to you. Yeah, clothes are best tried to determine if it suits you. What I like to do is go to a boutique to try on sizes for the brand and that gives me an idea of their sizing. if there is a similar piece from that online, all the better. Singapore's luxury goods are suually more expensive. So if online deals are much cheaper, I get it online.

and yes, for some sites, I do have to pay VAT for Singapore. so it makes it expensive again. So I be very selective. Fortunately, Club 21 is a great store and they stock some of the best merchandise ever!

Have a good day!