Wednesday, 9 April 2008

My MANy Bags News #05

Time out in Bali! (10 Apr 2008 - 14 Apr 2008) first official vacation for 2008. After months of stressful work, time for me to get out of our sunny island and head down to beautiful Bali. Will enjoy lots of pampering, sun, sea and sand:-P and will be staying in a nice villa as well. Woohoo!

Will have my laptop with me. Hopefully I find some time to blog.


Jens said...

That looks wonderful!
Bali, how exotic that sounds, here we have 2 degrees and grey skies.
Have a nice vacation!

Kevin said...

Hello Jens, greetings from Bali. It's hot and humid here. But thanks for your well wishes. hope the weather gets better for you soon. and you can enjoy some nice warm sun too.

Chat more when I get back.


shoe-holic said...

Wow lucky you. I am green with envy. Perhaps it is time I plan a little getaway for myself too.

Don't worry Kevin, I'll be doing the rounds at Orchard on your behalf over the weekend. ha ha. Will keep the streets safe of fashion crimes.*kiddin*

Kevin said...

Hello Jay,

hahaha..thanks for keeping the streets of orchard free from fashion crimes this weekend in my absence. I will be counting on you to bring me new updates on all the 'action' in the retail scene in Singapore.:-P

let me know if you spot anything worth blogging about!

happy weekends. will try to post something soon.


bagcraze said...

hi kevin... u're in my country LOL
i'm in jakarta though. i haven't go to bali in months... miss that place :p
well, i dunno if u're still there or not, but have fun! and sunbathed safely, the last time i don't wear sun screen i got burns all over my body eeewww

Kevin said...

Hi Bagcraze,

yes, still in bali! enjoyed a wonderful dinner just much balinese local dishes to sample. hahaha. so yummy. yes, in your country. Bali is beautiful and the service levels are really good. such friendly people. and oh dear, your warning came too late, I went under the umbrella without sunblock and I got my chest area burned...ouch! Next time I will know...yikes!

hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend. happy week to you.


bagcraze said...

OMG, i can remember the pain ouch...
it'll helps if you can get a real aloe vera, if not, the hawaiian tropic's aloe vera is quite good.
or apply sliced cucumber on the burned area :p
that's the tips i got from people when i walked around in sun burned at bali LOL. every people would stop by and gave me various tips because i look like a pig literally LOL

Kevin said...

thanks for the tip for easing of the sun burn! hehe. Will do just that tommorow and see if I can get aloe vera gel. Phew, next time I will be more careful. Was too relaxed at the beach, and that is why I overlooked.:-)

Yea, with sun burn skin, you truly look like a roasted pig or lobster! hahaha.

BTW, next month I will be in Jakarta for a short time, maybe a night...any places to recommend for good food or shopping?:-P


bagcraze said...

oh yes kevin LOL u should go to grand indonesia or senayan city. why don't u email me at ?
i will let u know the places and what's in there :)

Kevin said...

Thank you! I will get on to email you later:-) hehe. so nice to have a local point me out in the right places. thanks in advance! I am looking forward to my trip. Will be going to explore jogjakarta and borobodur.:-P

Iputu said...

Hi Kevin,I read your blog periodically. If you come to Bali, please save a little time to visit us. Thanks

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Sure Iputu!

Would love to be in Bali soon:-)

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I love your jewellery:-)

WHo should I look for if I drop by Bali and wants to have a tour of the shop?:-P