Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Material Boy #110

Martin Margiela Leather Lace-Ups

You might be wondering why I am recommending another pair of lace-ups. It seems all lace-ups are more or less the same. But hold that thought for the time being...have a look at this pair by Martin Margiela. The leather flap where the laces are, wraps all around the shoe which is unseen of. What an interesting reinterpretation of a classic design:-) One of a kind and yet aesthetically beautiful. It is this sort of little quirky take on a classic design which sets things apart.:-) And I believe Martin Margiela has done well with this pair of lace-ups. I especially like the white leather version, which is so french riveria and playboy chic. But for the more classic types, the dark grey version works great as well.

Now on sale at with a 40% discount!

I am a Margiela fan now!

Retail price: US$447 (markdown from US$745). Where to buy:

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