Thursday, 5 June 2008

My Shopping Conquest #09

Gucci White And Brown Stripe Silk Tie

Today I went down to Gucci Stores 2 times. Once in the afternoon during lunch, to get my Gucci Sneakers (finally decided to buy it despite the high price, somehow the studs just resonates to me) and another trip in the evening, cos' I wanted to get a beautiful tie I saw from my afternoon visit:-)

The Gucci white and brown silk tie as seen on the runway pics. White background colour with alternating thin and thick black and brown stripes. There is also a version which is red stripes instead of brown. And another series in black background colour, which is also widely featured in the runway pics. To make my shopping bargain even better, I found the tie I wanted in Takashimaya store, so I used my Takashimaya vouchers and credit card, which allows me 6% rebate on top of the 30% discount. Woohoo!

I am thinking of pair this with my tan D&G long sleeve shirt with black trimmings. And it is a match made in heaven! Sexy! Swinging sixties and Trad style!

Retail price: SGD $270. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City


00o00 said...

nice tie, i like!

Kevin said...

thank you! I like it very much as well! Especially when I only paid SGD $129...after using my $60 takashimaya voucher.:-P the red stripe version is also very nice..I was torn about the 2 colours. Even the black one is suave!

shoe-holic said...

Got my Gucci Belt today ;-)
Didn't go on sale, but bought it anyway. Had wanted it long time ago was just afraid to get it too prematurely in fear of the GSS onslaught that might have reduced it to nothing.

Kevin said...

Yes, a wise move to wait Jay! Now you know it is not marked down and it is a classic item. so you will be able to enjoy your purchase without fearing the item will be in the half price bin during GSS. Like our prada shoes! Grrrr...I am still bitter about it. By the way, I dun know what gotten into me, I went to buy a pair of red jeans from Gucci. Oh my. Now I am having second thoughts about my 'courage' to wear them. Oops.

shoe-holic said...

Hey jeans are pretty normal.I think I've seen weirder colours.

again on Gucci... I saw this reall nice chic looking cardigan/jacket with the Gucci crest logo. GOSH i would have bought it as a heartbeat if they had it in my size. THere was only a S & M left. *sob sob*.

Kevin said...

Oh...sounds like an interesting item and in my size 'S'...:-P What cardigan/jacket is that? Where was it placed in the store?:-P hehe.

A vote of confidence for the red jeans from you...yay!

:-P I thought I bought a white elephant again, which will stay in my closet for a long time to come.