Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Material Boy #115

Prada Beijing Olympics 'Limited Edition' Sports Bear Merchandise

Alerted to this batch of incredible limited edition merchandise, ranging from bags, bag charms, pouches, T-shirts by Jay (aka. Shoeholic, avid Prada fan:-). I was supposed to keep mum about these sweet little treasures until it was officially launched in Singapore. Jay managed to snag himself a nice tote bag and bag charm and according to him, pretty much everything was sold out. Lucky him! Was sick yesterday and today, the attack of the influenza bug:-( I am not able to go check out the limited edition merchandise myself. Gonna have to miss it for this time.

But I love the use of teddy bears playing all kinds of Olympic sports in this new range. They look so adorable. I especially like the bag charms and the blue tote featuring the hockey bear. Love the 3-dimensional hat on the bear! I want that!

Anyways, these are very limited so you should call your SAs in Prada anywhere you are if you want to get your hands on them!


By The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

It's cute, but too cute, even for me! ;) Glad someone appreciates it though.

Kevin said...

I like the bag charms the most. will be nice to hang on your bags:-)

shoe-holic said...

Hey Kev, thanks for the shout-out ha ha.

I got the Judo bag charm. It's the only one with footwear on. Thus i decided to go for that, plus it's the only one left anyway HAHA.

The tote bag i got is the plan one slight bigger than the one that is featured in this blog.

shoe-holic said...

how are you feelin now by the way? Better?

Kevin said...

Hi jay,

Yeah, feeling better...just having a splitting headache. Hopefully when Iw ake up tommorrow I will be fine. Sleeping too much is also not a good way to ease sickness.

Hope you dun mind me posting the prada items:-) seeing you already got yours, I thought it will be okay. I called the store this morning, they only have the swimmer's charm left. But cannot reserve:-( I doubt I will get that. Would love to get one bag charm.

So are you excited to be in London? Time to show off your prada bears! :-P

shoe-holic said...

ha ha no la keeping them dry on the shores of singapore. will bring my balenciaga along this time.

gosh, i'm on a bag buying frenzy now too hahaha. I hope i don't see any more nice bags in London. No nice shoes too please.

Kevin said...

yes, 2 bags in a short 2 weeks:-) Not bad for bag buying:-)

Yeah, you must be strong to resist temptation in London...which will be a tough hurdle to overcome:-) Hehehe

Good luck!

shoe-holic said...

Harrods, Selfriges,Harvey Nichols, goodness. I think I have already given in to temptation. ha ha

Kevin said...

and you just need your crdit card to save the day!:-P hehe. Such exciting shopping awaits. Dun go overboard!:-) Buy what you really like:-) not just becos it is cheap at 50% discount:-) I do sometimes fall into that trap. Wah 50%...must buy even if the item dun look really nice to me. hahaha