Monday, 21 July 2008

The Material Boy #126

Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Treillis Tote

Someone help me! Before I can get the Gucci Guccissima Leather Tote off my 'lust' comes another bag that I am drooling all over again. I think I should be 'honorary member' for Baked Beans Boys Club...cos' I should be eating baked beans for the rest of the year. and my wandering eyes.

I was not impressed at the start when I first laid eyes on pictures of this Louis Vuitton Treillis Tote. The proportion of the bag was kinda squarish and I feel it is not big enough for my tall frame. But today, while check other bag blogs, I was bombarded with a blogger posting about this bag. The post by shows a fellow LV fan showing off his Treillis tote and that look huge and super cool. Especially when he is wearing his camo cargos. Hahaha.

Next, a fellow blogger whom I checked his blog regularly, DeluxeDuck (I forgot your name...please pardon me!) posted his new Treillis purchase and I was able to see the detailing on the bag. As does beautiful jacket makes the man, detailing make the bag! I love the dog tag on the bag, very cool. It says 'Monogramouflage, Édition Limitée, Takashi Murakami, Louis Vuitton' in perforated style typeface as per the military font type. Very cool! And the multiple internal pockets is a dear to have for getting organised. I also like the leather trimmings on the handles and last of all, the nice little D ring for hooking any bag charms! The fabric print actually look better up close:-) One thing that I thought would make the bag even more perfect is to use the topography lining they developed for spring summer 2008 bags and use it on this bag. That will be so appropriate. Makes it more 'military mission' themed:-) Dun you agree?

The price is on the high side for a mostly fabric tote. But it's limited that warrants a collector's price.

I bet this bag is on a long waiting list. Me want....but I cannot buy any more bags now...:-(

LV, can I help you to blog all about your bags for the rest of the year and you let me have this bag?:-P Wishful thinking on my part. We shall see. My birthday is coming up...who knows:-P

(This post is the most number of link backs I have to do:-P Hahaha)

1) Bag pics from
2) Guy with bag pic from

3) Bag Details pics from Deluxeduck

Retail price: SGD $2540. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutiques in Singapore


00o00 said...

too many bags too many bags!!
too many bags too many bags!!
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too many bags too many bags!!
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too many bags too many bags!!
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too many bags too many bags!!
too many bags too many bags!!

*goes berserk*

Kevin said...'s hard to avoid going 'beserk' when you have a blog that focuses on bags...sigh...

We are going bag crazy!:-P

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

I am around that means it will probably be too small for me. That guy must be pretty petite.:-P

This bag needs to be tried out to see if they are right for you. Too expensive to make a mistake.

Anonymous said...

this bag can't possibly be too small. you definitely have to see it for yourself.

Kevin said...

Yeah, the best way to to head down to the store and try it for myself:-P It's a lovely bag, nevertheless. I love military styling. It's a dichotomy of ruggedness and luxury. How interesting. The pale leather and gold studs and then the army style fabric and straps, it's apparent decadence. I love it.

charmbuster said...

this really is a fabulous bag! i got this in brooklyn when it came out, WELL worth the hype in my opinion - it's really perfect and versatile! maybe it's a little large - borderline oversize, as i am already 5'11"... this basically set me off for the rest of the monogramouflage collection...
if you need more pics of it let me know =p