Monday, 21 July 2008

The Material Boy #125

Gucci Guccioli Puppy Charms

I was browsing the latest issue of style magazine and I can't help but fall in love with these cutie puppy charms by Gucci when I saw them! Oh my...this is so adorable. And each of these new Guccioli Puppy Charms has a name, just like your real life pet!

Made from GG Canvas, black suede with a gold patent leather bow and light gold hardware, it's going to add personality to your bags or use them as an eye catching key ring. So cute. Gotta have it.

What is your favourite? The Paris Hilton 'Brando'? The bullish 'Agnese'? Or the Hush Puppy 'Sam? There is one for everyone.

My favourite is 'Leroy', he is a handsome pup who knows a nice scarf around his neck. hehe.

Second favourite is 'Oliver'...awww..pretty little eyes and so docile looking. Calling out to me to bring them all home.

Retail price: SGD $230. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Takashimaya/Paragon


thompsonboy said...

Oh dear, I thought it looked awful....never liked any of their charms....Prada's charm is better looking.

Kevin said...

I thought these look pretty cute:-P I love them.

Anonymous said...

ditto thompsonboy! it would have been way better if they used guccissima leather or something instead of the monogram...

Anonymous said...

i like Leroy and Agenese. if they made cats i'll buy them for my mum.

Kevin said...

Ahah..cats and dogs...maybe for their next season?:-P Frida...are you getting this? And use Guccissma leather okay?:-P

I love Leroy!