Wednesday, 30 July 2008

My MANy Bags News #21

Louis Vuitton iPhone Case Does Not Fit New 3G Version!

I was browsing thru sean-inc's blog and he posted a very important piece of information for iphone and LV lovers. Read his blog for full details.

Here's what's written on his blog:

Bad news for iPhone owners who are LV lovers !!!
Apparently, the new iPhone 3G is slightly too big for any of LV cases that are available right now. I stopped by the store yesterday to get one for my friend and SA told me the cases are for the old version of iPhone (even the not yet released Damier Graphite, what a bummer !!!) Then, he told me the story of one customer brought in 3G to try on and got stuck. That SA had to cut the case open to get the iPhone out.

So sad. Cannot look chic and tech savvy at the same time now! LV, please revised your sizing fast!

Source: Sean-inc

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