Sunday, 20 July 2008

My MANy Bags To Sell #01 (SOLD)

Gucci Belt Bag With Beige/Ebony GG fabric And Dark Brown Leather Trim

I am doing some house keeping today and finally decided to part with some of my bags. Some are brand new while others are used but taken good care of.

First up for sale is a BRAND NEW Gucci GG Fabric Belt Bag with signature green and red web strap. I first bought this belt bag at DFS Scottswalk's Gucci store...but after a couple of years in storage, I still have not managed to use the bag... so I guess it is time for me to let someone else fulfill its purpose in this world:-) Seriously, I just dun see myself using a belt bag anymore, I have a Gucci Black Nylon pouch and each time I wrapped it around my waist, my pants keeps dropping. Perhaps, that was pre-ipod nano Now with ipod nano, there should be no such problem becos those are so light weight. But I think I grew out of the belt bag days now. Prefer big totes.

This belt bag in this colour is from Gucci's classic range and never goes on sale. The more fancy colours may go on sale...but not this. It retails for Euro $360(on the Gucci website) which is around SGD $792 (at exchange rate of 1 euro = SGD $2.20). I will be willing to part with this belt bag for SGD $550. That is 30% off the price!

As this bag is brand new, you will find the protective sticker on the belt buckle still in-tact. The original stuffing as well:-P I have always kept it in its dust bag so no worries about dirt or scratches. Dimensions are 29 x 2.5 x 16 cm.

Anyone interested?:-) Contact me here.

My sale price: SGD $550

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