Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Material Boy #124

Mulberry Men's Bags For Fall Winter 2008/2009

I have to admit, I am disappointed with Mulberry's recent bag collection. The bags from Spring Summer 2008 was boring and the new fall winter collection for 2008/2009, did not fare well for me either. But out of the whole lot, I spotted 2 bags that has some appeal. But I will not say they are to die for. They may speak to other I shall not put the collection down:-)

First on the 'My MANy Bags' radar, the bright burgundy red coloured Morgan Messenger :-P. The bag design itself is not really anything new. But the colour is refreshing and a nice break from the usual standard hues of black, brown and oak. This will definitely spice up the dull winter hues on all those heavy and dark winter looks.

Second bag that I would picked is the Toby Tote bag which features a shoulder strap and front pocket. This is definitely going to go well with guys who wants a handy and yet no frills bag to hold all their belongings.

Retail price:
1) Morgan Messenger Bag - UK 595 pounds

2) Toby Tote - UK 695 pounds.

Where to buy:
(They ship international! Or buy from their Hilton Store)


thefashionisto said...

I love the color of the red bag as well. To think of it, I would kill for some shoes that color.

Kevin said...

Yeah, the colour is very nice indeed!

Red shoes should be easy to find:-) But for fall winter...kinda difficult as everything will be all black and browns. I will let you know if I managed to find a nice pair of red shoes:-P