Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A Shopping Dilemma #01 - Resolution

My Shopping Dilemma #01 - Resolution

Seems fate has a way of resolving any situations in life. I was torn between choosing either one of the 2 purchases last week, Jacket or Bag. In the end, I actually made the decision to buy both. But was feeling really guilty for putting another huge dent on my finances:-P. So fate has decreed that I should not have this extra 'financial damage' and 'save' me from Baked Beans Boys 'Damnation'. Hahaha.

So I am now left with one choice...which most of you felt I should anyway. I saved money and got what I wanted. And more!:-) Hurray! Tonight I came home with a huge shopping bag but none the big 'bank damage':-P Guilt free shopping? hehe


00o00 said...

looking forward to reveals!!

Kevin said...

hehe. Will take pics in the next few days. Today, pretty late now..watching TV while surfing the net:-P

Davine said...

Another nice belt? Btw, I got the small black silver belt with the rivet holes too. It´s my favourite belt at the moment^^.
My acc name is MapofConstantine. Thats where I found this nice blog. ^^

Kevin said...

Oh that belt is nice:-P Glad you got them!

Where are you based Davine? USA?

Thanks for your support of my blog.


Anonymous said...

congrats kevin! can't wait to see what you got ;)

Davine said...

Germany, in the more rural areas, where they usually need to check fashion in the dictionary XD.
There is only one high fashion shop availible:
And even for that one I have to take the bus or car as I unfortunatly don´t live in the city.