Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Ad Campaigns & Catalogues #08

Prada Fall Winter 2008/2009

Prada has updated their website to the new fall winter campaign. Looking really slick with a blue overtone to the pictures, they feature 80's super model, Linda Evangelista and also male model, Patrick Petitjean (what a name:-). The campaign is shot by Steven Meisel, who is the superstar photographer shooting for many luxury brands.

I love the way the lighting gives a contrasting effect and also the model's shadows in the background which adds another dimension to the pictures.

The close-up product shots gives a good look at some key accessories for fall winter 2008/2009. Somehow, that green loafers (SGD $720) is speaking to me. As does the pointy grey slip-on dress shoes. Very streamlined in shape. I notice footwear at Prada all features slightly more squarish toe in the dress shoe department. It's been a while since squarish toe shoes appeared in fashion. And lastly, the pair of shoe with a flap and mini buckles gives off a biker feel:-) Pretty chic.

All of these shoes are now in Prada store at Paragon. Do check them out.



Anonymous said...

i want those green loafers too!!!!!

Ken said...

I'm glad Prada is featuring more 'squarish' shoes.

The new Prada campaign is awesome. Linda Evangelista still makes me swoon.

Kevin said...

Yes, those loafers look pretty cool:-) If I have not gotten my lanvin loafers recently. I probably will get those. Colour is cool.:-)

and ken, yes, seems square toes are resurfacing..but the square portion is very slight. I also feel this season, the soles for dress shoes are slightly thicker and chunkier.

00o00 said...

i am so loving the shoes in the 2nd last pic!

i neeeed!

need to go check out at prada store in london

Jens said...

Very nice. And Petitjean is my favourite male model. But have you seen him with the beard? I think he looks even more cool with that..

Kevin said...

Ahah Joseph, I like that one as well. The light grey one?

And yes Jens, I believe Petitjean was featured on GQ style, spring summer 2008 issue. I just find him too scruffy with that look. I like guys a bit more clean up and if with beard, some stubble. No long facial hair.:-)

He looks great in these pics!

00o00 said...

is that the same shoe featured on their online shopping site? it is retailing for GBP250

verrrrry nice!

Kevin said...

I can't find the shoe on prada's website. All they have are sneakers, loafers, sporty influenced shoes but no dress shoes.
The dress shoes with the square toe is my favourite!:-)

shoe-holic said...

Tried on the Green loafers yesterday evening. Very nice patent leather with subtle aging effect which make it vintage looking.

It is very refreshing and will definitely complement a casual get up with white shorts and clean pressed shirt. Throw over a jacket (optional) and you will electrify. ;-0

Didn't have time to decide then as I was rushing to a dinner appt. So I have reserved these to try again today. ha ha. I have a funny feeling i'm gonna cave again.

Kevin said...

Hi Jay, Hello! I see you have subcumb to the temptation of the green loafers. Yes, it is a brilliant hue of green and will spice up a plain ensemble:-). I also love the vintage effect on the colour:-P We all do pay attention to all these details, dun we?:-p

I have a strong feeling you are gonna bring these home. And I think it is 99% accurate?:-P

Update with pics!

Me gonna be off for batman movie soon. Almost shopped again..yikes..orchard road is so dangerous!


shoe-holic said...

nah haven't brought it home yet. yesterday SA wan't around. So am going to try it today.

Collected my Dolce & Gabanna shirt yesterday. Perfect!!!! ;-)

Kevin said...

I think we are strong believers in the saying, "A shopping purchase weekends or weekdays, keeps the blues at bay":-) hahaha.

Happy Shopping at Prada! Those shoes are rocking:-)

You altered your shirt? Cool. Like bespoke fit now?

shoe-holic said...

I did it again too.
Finally caved and brought home the green loafers yesterday.

Couldn't bear not to bring it home. ;-) Shoppers excuse!

Kevin said...

hahaha...we all know that kinda of shoppers post rationalisation. Well..if you can afford it and it makes you happy..why not?:-)

show pics! show pics!