Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A Shopping Dilemma #02

Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Treillis Tote ...Buy? Yay or Nay?

In view of my recent 'failure' in acquiring a very desired Balenciaga Jacket, I am in an 'upset', 'post shopping frustration' phrase..so now I need 'retail therapy' to ease the disappointment.:-)

Hence, the big question now (Big as in I risk Baked Beans Boys Eternity membership)...should I or should I not buy the Treillis Tote?


Anonymous said...

im sure you know what i voted for ;-) i recon you should skip the Guccissima tote for something more spesh and limited edition.

Kevin said...

I sure do! Hehe. The tote is almost double the Gucci bag's price. :-) Will think about it:-) It's very tempting. One thing is I am not sure if SG LV stores have the bag now. Need to check to avoid disappointment again if I really want to buy.

Anonymous said...

a big YAY!

Davine said...

I think the bag is too extravagant to use it as often as the high price would require. As for your next purchases: Why don´t you buy more clothes; there are great items in the stores right now, and there will be more. Not that I´m saying you shouldn´t buy anymore bags. ^^

Kevin said...

There is an overwhelming vote against buying the bag:-P

Thanks for all who vote. Let's see if the 'Yay' votes could take a turn for the better:-) We shall see. lol

And Davine, yeah, the bag is expensive. Clothes I actually have a lot. We shall see.

And Nathaniel, hahaha...welcome to baked beans boys. It's all about will and temptation, see if you can resist.:-)

Hope LV reads this...then they can give me a commission for each time I tempt someone to buy something. hahaha. Just kidding.

Davine said...

And you really have only FEW bags ;)
I totally understand now :)
Why don´t you get yourself that balenciaga jeans for starters?

Kevin said...

Hi Davine,

Good wed to you:-)

The Treillis tote is sold out in SG...so the dilemma solves itself:-) no more headache. hahaha.

Balenciaga jeans looks great. But I will wait for Club 21, to see if they stock that before I buy. Clothing is risky to buy online unless you have tried them before locally. Cuts are important and is what you pay for.:-)

But I do like the jeans!

Davine said...

Well, you´re right of course. If you´re not used to wear a certain brand regularily it´s always better to try things on before buying them.
On the other hand, one of the reasons I like D G so much is that they have those universal cuts on which you can orient yourself like 10, 12, 12, 16 rise and gold, classic or slim fit. Makes it very easy to buy stuff online that will fit you. Shame most online shops constantly neglect mentioning those measurements.

Kevin said...

you are talking about the rise of Dolce Jeans eh?:-) Yeah, it is a good gauge. But sometime the cuts varies. So have to see the pictures very carefully.:-)

DG stuff is usually quite universal in sizing thru each season..so yea, I agree..easy to buy online.

Other brands have very different cuts each season.