Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I Have Not Forgotten You Yet!

Fendi Fendi Bag...Where Are You?

I blog about this bag a couple of months ago...I still have not forgotten it.

Wonder if the bag has been seen in stores around the world yet? Any sightings anyone? Price updates?

Share the info here if you have.:-) Thanks in advance!


brieuc75 said...

i'm like you finding this bag : nothing in firenze and nothing in paris!! i can't understand!! shall we do a petition? ;-)

Kevin said...

Have not heard any news about this bag at all. And the fendi shops here are only women's.

Let us know if you get any news or chance upon it. thanks in advance, Brieuc.:-P

Anonymous said...

Hi Kev, this is ManBag. I bought the one in blue - it's in my possession - how do I get a picture to you so you can put it on your blog?

Kevin said...

Hi ManBag, send the pics to Remember to add in pricing details and where you bought the bag:-) and the colour code...the other range they offer etc.:-)

thanks! hope you like the bag!