Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Material Boy #139

Lanvin Patent Metallic Silver Leather Oxford Shoe

Whenever I think of patent metallic for shoes, the first brand that comes to mind is Lanvin. Seems this material is now a signature material for Lanvin shoes. The metallic colours trend surfaced in full force in Fall Winter 2007. But it seems this is not a passing trend. I still see lots of patent metallic leather used on shoes in Spring Summer 2008 and now Fall Winter 2008/2009. Wonderful, I can now take out my silver Dries Van Noten lace-ups and not feel out of style:-) I am such a 'fashion victim' sometimes.

Okies, there is nothing special about this pair of Lanvin Oxfords. It is a similar design to the black one that I blog about recently. Slightly square toe. Eyelets on the shoe laces' holes, and flat shoe laces are used instead of round ones. However, it seems the patent silver leather has very fine texture to it, instead of just a smooth surface like most other patent leathers. I regret that they did not stick to the smaller heel design from their spring summer shoes. That was a lovely touch.

I saw a pair of Lanvin patent leather metallic lace-ups in Club 21 Mens. It was in a lovely turquoise colour. More unique than silver:-) Wonder if it is the same design. It retails for SGD $1299. But for this pair of silver coloured ones, seems more expensive.

Retail price: UK 510 pounds. Where to buy:

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