Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Material Boy #140

Bally Kapumo Hi-Cut Sneaker In Mutton Leather And Suede

Boots seem to be featured quite commonly in this Fall Winter 2008/2009 season. Well, practicality is a key reason why boots surfaced in huge numbers for the winter. It does help to protect your feet from the freezing cold. And it does makes you look cooler after wrapping up in all the thick clothing.:-)

But for a tropical guy living in one of the hottest cities in the world, boots can be nice to have but not practical to wear. Unless I am in the army. So when I saw the new Fall Winter Bally looks on the website, I was immediately drawn to this pair of hi-cut Kapumo sneakers. A softer and easier style than boots, yet still hi-cut in design to function like a pair of boots. Very cool indeed. The material is Mutton Leather and Suede. Wonder if the shoe will be heavy. But I like the way the laces goes all the way up mid calf on your legs. Looks nice with the pants tucked inside as per the models:-)

I like the beige coloured version as seen on the models.

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DesignBox said...

Now that's going back to Bally's origin. Swiss alpstyle! Love it.

Kevin said...

I agree! Back to the roots for the brand. Swiss alps style. I love it too:-P