Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Material Boy #143

Goyard St. Louis GM Tote Bag In Black

I may have a chance to go to Hong Kong soon. Not confirmed yet..but if I do...there is one bag that I definitely want to check out, the St. Louis GM Tote Bag from the 'highly elusive' Goyard. With only a small number of retailers and no advertising, this venerable trunk maker from Paris is truly a brand in the 'closet'. Only for the discerning who knows of this brand, socialites and celebrities alike, the label whispers luxury and not scream to masses like LV or Gucci.

Maybe it is this exclusivity and limited point of sale that makes Goyard a coveted brand. Before the brand picks up to the levels of LV or Gucci, I think I want to own a piece of this subtle luxury. And what better way than to start with a tote bag. GM is the size, black is the colour. It is mentioned that the bag is strong enough to hold your books or even a computer, despite the thin shoulder straps.

From internet research, the GM size tote should retail for around US $890. Price is not a problem, where to get it is a big problem. Wonder if HK Goyard stores will stock these. They have not one but 2 outlets! Geez..lucky Hongkongers!

Retail price: Approx US $1085 Excluding tax. Where to buy: Goyard Boutiques Around The World


00o00 said...

i like the goyard majordome
goyard is too exclusive and too little is known about them

shoe-holic said...

Are you sure the tote is only UDS 890? A frend checked out the Ambassade (men's briefcase) in Hong Kong and it costs like 3000plus SGD.

Kevin said...

Yes, it was mentioned at a site that the tote bag is USD $890. Buyt I am not sure if the prices have risen since. The briefcase will be more expensive of course. This tote bag is pretty basic with no hardware.:-P

You interested in Goyard?

00o00 said...

you can call goyard to ask. previously i called the san fran and paris store to ask about the price of the boeing (US$2100 or approximately Eur1325).

so why not call HK and ask if they have the color you want and how much etc

happy shopping!

00o00 said...

Kevin said...

Oh Nice! The bag looks good with everything..:-P. I think LV's neverfull is somewhat inspired by this bag, with the thin handles.

paolo said...

Its HKD 13,000. My friend recently went to Hong Kong.

Kevin said...

That's way overpriced. Are you sure?

Cos' it retails for around US$940 from some ebay sellers who bought them and reselling them on ebay.

HKD 13000 is around SGD $2600.

There must be some mistake and it is a 'cheap' looking tote bag.:-P

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Wait, I am getting confused. There is only 1 size right? Does anyone have the measurements?

Anonymous said...

i was ready to buy one in Paris last January. but seeing it IRL, it didn't move me. the material was rather stiff and cardboard-like. maybe im just too loyal to LV. maybe you will find it to be just wonderful. i hope for the latter. =)

Kevin said...

Hi Alvin,

they come in a variety of sizes. From small to PM to GM...just lke LV.

And deluxeduck, yeah, have to see it in real does not 'cheap'. How much was the bag when you saw it?

Anonymous said...

i didn't really ask for the price. maybe EUR500-800??? i was practically in-and-out of the rue St Honore boutique.

shoe-holic said...

i want i want i want Goyard.
Why isn't it in Singapore yet?? Its shopping mecca status is on the up, now even more so with Ion orchard near completion (early 2009)

I want the Ambassade with my initials on it and maybe with a crown or skull ;-)

Mervyn said...

Hi Kevin,

I have 2 of the GM-size totes – red and brown/black They were about S$1,200 when I got them in HK about 2 years back at Harvey Nichols.

I don't think it's HK$13,000 as Paolo (but I may be wrong with the inflation going on) as it's really bag with NO hardware. But it's really durable.
Yup, have used it to lug my Macbook Pro and also a gym bag sometimes. Very versatile and folds for easy storage.

Knock yourself out and get one in a nice bright colour like orange or yellow IMHO.

paolo said...

When my friend told me that I was flabbergasted too since the Saint Louis is the cheapest Goyard bag, right? Maybe he was wrong, he doesn't even like the brand. D'oh.

Antoine said...

I just bought a Saint Louis (GM in green) last Saturday in Paris, it costs 610 €. Very stylish and less seen than Louis Vuitton.