Sunday, 10 August 2008

My Shopping Conquest #16

D&G 'Paradise Wanted' Round Neck Tee

I think this t-shirt symbolises my present state of mind:-P I need to find my own ' Paradise':-) My ideal paradise will consist of my gorgeous beloved, a huge vacation sea front house, a gigantic walk in closet and of course, my very own luxury mega brand mall right next to that:-P

Wishful thinking? Well, at least I can own a small piece of that 'dream' with my new D&G 'Paradise Wanted' Tee. I got this tee last weekend and took it out for a spin this evening to a fren's place for dinner. A new tee, tight and fitted and an amazing quiet evening of great and cute company, maybe my little piece of 'paradise' can be had afterall:-) Small simple joys is equally uplifting as big ones.

I got this tee altered at the sleeves to make them tighter and hence make my slim(but toned! I lift weights, okay!) arms bigger:-P Dressing right is all about getting the right silhouettes:-) Anyways, the alteration is free for full priced merchandise, even with my 15% 'regulars' discount. So why not take advantage of it?

I love D&G. This t-shirt features stitched wool felt letters over printed ones, so it's not just a flat printed design. The only branding you see is from the small embroided emblem, college varsity style, on the right arm. D&G is finally getting more class with regards to branding. Gone are the days where the huge logo is plastered everywhere on their merchandise.

Waiting to get more tees soon.

Retail price: SGD $269. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall


mmaxime2 said...

I want this tee!!!

Kevin said...

:-) Glad you like the tee! Should be easy to find in any D&G shops!:-P