Sunday, 24 August 2008

My Shopping Conquest #19

D&G Saint Stefano Vintage Wash V-neck T-shirt

I have been eyeing on this tee ever since I saw it online at I even blog about it here. It's not only catchy with a silly slogan but I also love the vintage wash effect applied onto the tee itself. As stated on the label attached, it says each tee is handcrafted so there will be differences for each piece which makes it unique. And to me, D&G tees have one of the most amazing fits for me. So I decided this is one tee I need to get. Being a t-shirt guy (hot Singapore weather and all), I have been running out of 'new' tees to wear lately. So tired of wearing all the old DSquared2 T-shirts I acquired a few seasons ago. Some are terribly worn now...after so many washes. Yikes.

So this season, D&G tees came at the right time for me to get some 'fresh' replacements. As with my D&G 'Paradise Wanted' Tee, I got the sleeves altered so it fits better. I love tight arm holes.

I got this tee last friday during the D&G pre-fall collection launch event. Was not a very spectacular event as there was not fashion show, just cocktails and canapes with a few latin/ballroom dancing performances inbetween. Originally, I thought I will get a 20% discount when I buy during the event, as foretold by one of the SA, but in the end, I think the store decided to do away with the discount. So I only get my regular 15% off new merchandise. Oh well. It did not make too much difference anyway.

I got the tee back yesterday from the shop, sleeves tighten and a happy man.

Retail price: SGD $399. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall


Anonymous said...

ManBag here...I know it wasn't your intention to offend anyone by buying and wearing this tshirt - but as a Roman Catholic Christian I am VERY offended by this tshirt - it is mocking Christian devotion to the saints - specifically in this case Saint Stephen who was stoned for his belief in Christ in the Acts of the Apostles. What makes it worse is one of the designers equating himself with a Christian saint.

Kevin said...

Hi there ManBag,

Oh I see. I take it only at a surface value....dun mean for any underlying msg.:-) I thought the tee just meant you love stefano. hahaha.

shane said...

Hey kelvin, where u got sleeves tighten? At D&G?

Kevin said...

Yes, you can get alteration service when you purchase at all the luxury stores. For full price items it is free. But for sale items, they charge you.:-)

Make use of the alteration service. It makes the clothing so much more fitting:-) The tailors at club 21 are miracle workers!