Saturday, 30 August 2008

My Shopping Conquest #21

Tsumori Chisato Patchwork Blue Stripe L/S Shirt
(Reveal from 'Blackjack My Way Home')

Reach for the stars and fulfill your dreams! Yes, this is the immediate thought I had when I first lay eyes upon this beautiful shirt by Tsumori Chisato. I first caught sight of this shirt while shopping in Blackjack 2 Saturdays ago. The impression was strong and it just did not managed to get out of my mind. Been thinking about how cute and interesting it is after seeing it. Although I did not try on the shirt, I just fell in love with the patchwork details. I knew I had to buy it. Look at how cute the design shows a hand reaching for a star. Alternating stripe fabric arrangement forms the hand, so you can see the 'hand' is sewn up with many pieces of smaller fabrics. The fabric is also very cute, it's fine light blue stripe but lots of white spots all over the fabric that reminds me of snowflake. I love it! There is also a silver embroidered Tsumor Chisato motif which adds a spot of contrast to the colour.

This Tsumori Chisato Patchwork Blue Stripe L/S Shirt is of a boxy cut. Kinda 'balloony' in silhouette. I had it taken in at the sides to make the shirt slimmer. I also got a size bigger than the smallest size as it was sold out or they did not bring in the small size. But I tried the small size for a short sleeve version and the cut was not much of a difference, especially when I can get it altered. Some other interesting detailing include a gathered pin tucked design on the back area and a a little patchwork where the sides of the shirt end. I like small little detailing like that. Lastly, the shirt is made in Japan. Not China:-P

So after a week of waiting, this shirt is finally coming home with me. Gonna wear it today. If you see a hand reaching out for the stars or for that matter, my wallet for more'd know it's me! hahaha.*wink* Acting 'CUTE' today lah!

Retail price: SGD $389. Where to buy: Blackjack Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall


00o00 said...

nice shirt :)
oh blackjack no longer at heeren mall?

gosh i am so outdated :x

Kevin said...

Oh Blackjack is in forum shopping mall for the longest time already. When was your last visit home?:-P

Such a pity, it seems none of us here got the mouse pad! Darn!

quijano said...

Kevin, that's a very cute shirt. I love the patchwork details as well :)

Kevin said...

I wore this shirt today with my Prada Sailor man brooch. :-P Love it. Except, I find the shirt still a little big for me on the sides, might get it tailored again after I washed it:-P

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Fatah said...

Great shirt, a nice buy Kev..

Kevin said...

Thank you Fatah!:-) Going to get it altered slimmer today. I am a picky customer. hahaha