Saturday, 23 August 2008

What A Rainy Day Of Shopping!

Who Cares About Rain When It Comes To Shopping!

More bags to reveal:-P Despite heavy rain here in Singapore, shopping spirits is not dampen. I managed to still get a few things, after my haircut and getting my Club 21 'Gift'! Hehe.


quijano said...

what's inside the marc by mj bag? can't wait to find out! hahaha!

Kevin said...

Hey Quijano, will reveal later today!:-P hehe.

shoe-holic said...

I am more interested to find out what's in the D&G bag. Are the F/W 08 plaid shirts in store yet? ah ha

Kevin said...


That is actually not bought yesterday, it was bought last week and I only got it back yesterday after getting it altered.:-P

The plaid shirts for pre-fall is in, I think I saw this one or something similar.
Check out my 'The Material Boy #92' post. That checkered shirt.


Are you going to shop today, Jay?

Kevin said...

shoe-holic said...

prefer the plaid shirt from its f/w collection not the pre-fall. I saw that one at the shop last week. Not really calling out to me. The F/W one has a hue of red and darker tones, which is more appealing. To me at least.

Heading out for sure. Not sure if anything's on the cards yet. ;-).
Still have a $200 voucher from Club21. *wink* Shall i do it in today? haha. Shall see.

Kevin said...

Hi Jay,

oh, the fall winter range is not in yet. Ahah...$200 club 21 vouchers. Good for you! Use it to buy things you want. Dun just splurge it on anything unnecessarily:-) Wait for the right item.

that's what I do! Since they last 6 months.