Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Material Boy #147

Marc By Marc Jacobs 'Special Items' Brooches And Pins

After getting inspired by my new Lanvin Grasshopper Head jacket pin, I am now on a shopping craze to find more embellishments for my jackets or sweaters or t-shirts.:-) And look what cute and cheap goodies I found from the Marc By Marc Jacobs 'Special Items' range.

1) A super cool rhinestone Skull Brooch @ US$10!

2) A silver Spider Pin @ US$12!

3) A diamonté Butterfly Brooch @ US$25!

Oh dear, it makes my Lanvin Brooch seemed overpriced. Hahaha. But it's Lanvin:-) so it's worth every cent, even though I pay only like 6% of the original price. That's cool enough!:-P

Will check out Marc Jacobs store again later, to see if I can find some cheap goodies and thrills like these.:-)

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quijano said...

these are adorable and affordable pins!! and double wow coz it's from marc by marc jacobs!

Kevin said...

Yes, I would buy them all if I am ever in NYC or US.

These are apparently available from selected US stores.

ALINA said...

o gawd! they are so cheap and cool!!!
i waaant!

Kevin said...

Welcome to my blog Alina! Yes, go get the pins and brooches:-) You are in the US! Should be easier to find them than poor us in SIngapore. Hehe.

I will get all 3 if I ever encounter them!