Sunday, 3 August 2008

What a bad turn of events (Part 2)!

Pics of the cracked portion of the Gucci Bag

I have taken some pics of the cracked area. If you look at the pics, you can see the tiny crack is smaller than the already very small Gucci GG symbol. On the first pic, if you do not look closely, you almost think that is part of a crease or graining on the leather. The middle 2 pics is when I deliberately pushed the crack wider so you can see the underlying lighter brown area of the leather underneath. This is definitely not a tear thru using the bag. Plus it is on the side of the bag which is not a high stress area (I have marked the area on the bottom pic). If it is the handles area, or the corners of the bag (most likely to be knock or rub against), then it is more likely for this to happen thru use. But only if the bag was 'abuse'! Seriously, who on earth could spoil a bag unless you really intend to thrash it!

I will be very firm today at the shop.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Just looking at the torn part of the bag breaks my heart. Gucci definitely should give you a new one. Goodluck!

DesignBox said...

Hej Kev! Something like that happened to my Gucci bag when I was in London. They fixed it on location. No questions asked. I honestly don't think that you have to worrie.

bel said... looks really obvious with your pic

i hope all the best for u...they must change it...its an obvious defect :(

update us soon...

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Get a new one or get store credit.

Jens said...

I think this is not necessarily because of low quality. Leather is a natural material, which means there may be some hidden flaws, no two leather hides are exactly the same. It is so obviously a material flaw, and not because of you using it. Things like this could happen to any brand I guess, but they should give you a new bag.

Maybe the SA told you to come back because sometimes junior SAs have no authority to do anything, unfortunately, and when they are scared of their bosses.

Take it cool Kevin, I am sure you will get an exchange!
Being friendly and firm always works for me in situations like these..

Jens said...

By the way, this can not be "repaired". Don't settle for that. Not only is it impossible, but if this is a leather hide with weaknesses, then more cracks can appear after a while.

Kevin said...

thanks Jens. I believe in peaceful and codial resolution as well. No need to be rude. I just need to be firm.:-) which I did today.

yes, leathers are from organic sources. There is bound to be flaws. So maybe I was unlucky enough to have ended up with this bag.

Not to worry, I am pretty confident I will get the exchange. If not then it's 'volcano eruption' time!

Kevin said...

Hmm...that is food for thought. It's scary. I will ponder over it tonight. I dun think full refund will be possible. They probably give you a store credit.:-(.Yikes.

00o00 said...

i think that's the problem with distressed leather, it's too thin and prone to tears.

but glad to hear they will deliver a new one to you

think happy thoughts!

Kevin said...

Thanks Joseph. I will probably make a trip down, if my work schedule is ok. Monday should be fine, usually.:-P