Monday, 1 September 2008

The Material Boy #151

Gucci Mens Fall Winter 2008/2009 Leather Jackets

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most luxurious luxury brand of all? Hermes? Louis Vuitton? Gucci?

Oh yes, Gucci seems to want to place itself at the top tier of luxury brands by charging exorbitant prices for their wares these days. I do lust after these gorgeous leather jackets as featured on the fall winter 2008/2009 mens collection. Lots of decadent detailing, like brass studs, buckles and fur fur fur! It's like an armor or trophy to signify your triumph over amassing your huge amount of resources and it's time to flaunt the newfound wealth proudly!

But would you pay over SGD $10,000 for a Gucci leather jacket? And it's not even exotic skin. That is something to be left pondering by us common folks, but I guess if you earn millions a month, what does that amount mean to you. Spare change?:-P

I love the jackets, the fur collared one is TDF, but if I am paying that kind of money, I go for Hermes or LV...since there's a guarantee you will not find them in the bargain bin six months down the line.:-P

Gosh, I need more money to get all these frivolous wants! On a last thought, even if I have the money to acquire these leather jackets, I will die of heatstroke in Singapore by wearing them:-P

Retail price:
1) Studded Zip Leather Jacket -
2) Double Breasted Fur Collared Leather Jacket -
Where to buy: Gucci Boutiques

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