Monday, 1 September 2008

The Material Boy #152

Linda Farrow x Bernhard Willhelm Plastic Sunglasses

I was doing my rounds of online window shopping and I was almost going to give up when I spotted this. There was seriously a lack of things that I find interesting to blog about tonight except this cool pair of Linda Farrow x Bernhard Willhelm Gold Sunglasses. Another designer collaboration with Linda Farrow, this time with the strange and totally directional Bernhard Wilhelm. These gold shades with yellow lenses are not your typical sunglasses. It resembles a mask more than a pair of sunglasses. I feel a superhero vibe with the design, especially when the front area is moulded to fit the contours of your nose. So cool! Green Lantern? Green Hornet? can you see the resemblance? Oh wow...I love it! This is definitely cutting edge and never seen before. And at UK $75 pounds, it is not too bad a price to own a piece of one-off quirky design.

Will you wear something like that? I might just take on a superhero alter ego if I have this pair of sunglasses:-P What will I name myself? The 'Bag' Man?:-) Superhero Bags Extraordinaire. No bag shopping is too tough for this 'bag' wonder:-P I just know I will look cool with this pair of sunglasses. Clothes and accessories does make the hero:-P

What superhero do you think you will be?:-)

Meanwhile, fellow superheroes, it's time for me to 'rescue' the world from ugly bags in my dreams....zzzzzzzz

Retail price:: UK 75 pounds. Where to buy:

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