Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Material Boy #161

Balenciaga Weekender Bag (Fall Winter 2008/2009 New Colours)

With each new season, Balenciaga injects a fresh palette to its range of classic weekender bags. This time, 3 luxurious new colour, that perfectly reflect fall's sombre, mysterious moods have been added. These new colours has got me mesmerised and craving for the weekender bag once again. Oh my...look at that 'Black Cherry' colour. A deep rich red reminiscent of juicy, luscious cheries or check out that purple hue of 'Sapphire' to add a sparkle of royal jewel tones. As for people who sticks to classic colours and yet want something less stale, there is a 'charcoal grey' hue that is sure to ignite passion in these bags again.

I am totally swooned over by these new colours. The deep red 'Black Cherry' colour is beckoning me most...Simply divine and gorgeous!

Retail price: US $1595. Where to buy:


Wax said...

I want one in noir/black!!! :D

The one in black cherry looks amazing too though.

Kevin said...

Black is a good colour! Very classic and never goes wrong.:-) I like the thyme green and this black cherry colour! The red is deep and not too bright. Perfect for guys!

SE@N said...

I love the red and grey.
One will never have too many Balenciaga...

bagcraze said...

get it!!! LOL
i used to have few balenciaga weekenders but then i got bored :p

i love how the men's weekenders strap are a li'l bit longer too

Kevin said...

The men's range is slightly bigger too. But the colour range is limited to the more basic colours. I like the women's as it is slightly smaller and more exciting colours:-) Hehe..we love the opposite gender's version. Interesting:-P

shopboy said...

Hi Kevin,

Love your blog! And its great to find other guys who love Balenciaga too.

Just a little fyi, since Fall 07, the Ladies Weekender has longer handles similar to the Men's. So it should fit comfortably over the shoulder.

And if i remember correctly, the Men's Weekender has been discontinued.

Anyway, i prefer the Ladies WE because it comes with the mirror too! :)

Kevin said...

I think the ladies weekender has smaller size and shorter handles. I test it out myself. As for discontinuation of the men's version...well, hopefully not. Will enquire with the sales guys on this.:-)

L. said...