Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Material Boy #162

Balenciaga Button Front Felt Jacket (Noir)

You can always rely on Balenciaga and Nicolas Ghesquière to come up with the most interesting cuts and best fit for winter jackets. I have missed out on a peacoat from last fall winter 2007/2008 I wonder if I should get this Balenciaga Button Front Felt Jacket. But then again, what use have I for this jacket when I probably let it see the light once a year during winter vacation.:-)

But I love the cut and construction of the jacket. In a very 'sleek' non creased felt material, it gives a very nice structure to the wearer. Multiple buttons and clever design of the collar allows you to wear this jacket in different ways. The short length is very biker chic and yet sophisticated because of the construction and colour. But what ultimately makes it so tempting is the's US $1277.78 (Approx. SGD $1750)...which for a Balenciaga jacket is considered affordable! Balenciaga jackets are extremely well made and usually cost over SGD $2000. So this is a steal for such a nice piece. Perhaps the felt material is less costly. Good for us, Balenciaga fans:-P

Retail price: US $1277.78. Where to buy:

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