Sunday, 7 September 2008

My Shopping Conquest #24 (Once Upon A Time...)

Louis Vuitton Reardon Sunglasses In Gold

Okay...this is not exactly a new purchase...but it is still a shopping conquest from a while back, Spring Summer 2007 to be exact. Cannot remember the date of purchase since I have misplaced the receipt. In view of my recent new found LVoe for Louis Vuitton, I shall do this post to showcase another LV item I owned, which till this day, I have LVoed as much as my new Treillis Bag:-)

Presenting Louis Vuitton Reardon Sunglasses In Gold! I love this pair of sunglasses...fashioned in an aviator/ski resort features mirrored gold lens which is rarely seen, unless you want the tacky sporty inspired types from sport labels. This is so unique, especially fashioned by the luxury house of Louis Vuitton. Nicely proportioned, it frames my face really well and I wear it almost every other week. Makes me look cool as I go about doing my weekend shopping 'chores':-P Shiny and matt gold metal frame with lots of little details that are branded with 'Louis Vuitton'. The sides are engraved with the brand name, as does the top corner of the right lens, the 'LV' logo. The nose support is also adorned with the monogram flower symbol. Exquisite is the word to describe it. It's also hand made in France, which probably is the cause of the hefty price tag. I am very happy I got this pair of sunglasses since it is a seasonal item and will no longer be produced once stocks run out or the season is over.

Retail price: SGD $880. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique At Ngee Ann City

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