Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My Shopping Conquest #25

Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Key And Change Holder
Reveal from 'Shopping Radar On Alert!'

Yes, sniper mission a success...bag contents of Louis Vuitton shopping bag uncovered!:-) It's the tiny, teeny, weeny, mini...Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Key And Change Holder!

I was going about the 'maiden' use of my Monogramouflage Treillis Bag on Saturday when I find it troublesome to continuously unzip, dig into the bag to retrieve my iPod nano for volume or songs adjustment. There are no exterior pockets for the Treillis, so this does get tiresome over time. I do not want to leave the zip closure constantly open as I am weary of my contents falling out, which has happened in a cab upon sudden brakes a couple of times. I need a clever solution to this tiny problem. Something that can ease the inconvenience while looking nice hanging outside of my Treillis or other bags:-P

That is when I remembered I have always wanted to get a Louis Vuitton Key And Change Holder to hook on bags for this purpose. I was intrigued with the Louis Vuitton Complice Trunks and Bags Keys Holder and this was the perfect excuse to finally buy it! The Louis Vuitton Complice Trunks and Bags Keys Holder was much bigger than the usual Key and Change Holder of other materials, so it could even double up as storage for my mobile phone. I immediately head down to the LV stores to check that out!

Sadly, I was informed by the SAs in Hilton and DFS Scottswalk LV stores that the Louis Vuitton Complice Trunks And Bags Keys Holder has been out of stock for a long time. Since it was a seasonal item, it will no longer be brought in or produced when the stocks run out. This news was disappointing!

After I went back home and did some online research, I convinced myself that the normal size Key and Change Holder will do the job just as well, since iPod nanos are so small and thin, it would fit in the pouches nicely. I do not like the monogram canvas version, as it looks pretty raw and cheap. And Damier checks was not to my liking. The epi leather range is a possibility since I could get a colour that would match with many of my bags, such as black colour with gold hardware:-) I will want something with gold hardware as that will match most of my bags and more importantly, the Monogramouflage Treillis, which features antique brass hardware. I also made a mental note that in case epi leather does not work, I will fall back on the suhali leather (costly!) or the Mini Lin version. Mini Lin is a great option since it is the monogram pattern made smaller and in a deep brown tone woven cotton which is a great match up to the fabric material of the Treillis. It also looks much more expensive and exquisite than the monogram canvas version. But my priority option will be the leather ones.

I head down to LV Ngee Ann City store on Sunday and ask to see all the Key and Change Holder mentioned above. Just as I guessed, I do not like the monogram canvas version (SGD $250). Looks really cheap and fake. I love the epi leather range (SGD $310), I tried the ivory and black colour on my Treillis bag. But one major concern, all epi leather versions come with silver hardware instead of gold:-( I had thought the black ones will be in gold as featured on the website. But the SA told me all of them comes only with silver hardware. I had to find an alternative.

Fortunately, making contingency plans do come in handy. I ask to see the Mini Lin version. The SA gladly obliged and I hooked that onto my Monogramouflage Treillis Bag. Perfect! I am completely sold! The Mini Lin fabric and colour matches superbly well with the Treillis fabric. The deep rich brown tones is not only complimentary to the Treillis' green but also my other brown or black leather bags. Most importantly, it comes with gold hardware and is more scarce and exquisite in workmanship. I dun see too much of Mini Lin being carried around yet...so this will be a more interesting option. Out flashes my credit card and came home with me, this cute little Mini Lin Key And Change Holder:-P It definitely looks gorgeous with my Monogramouflage Treillis Bag! I LVoe LV!

(On a side track, I am posting pic of the 'flaw' (Click pic to enlarge) on one of the handles of my Treillis bag...it's very minor as you can see...just tiny pin hole size white spots...where the top layer of the raw cowhide leather peels off. What do you guys think? Will you be bothered by it?

I checked with
LV DFS Scottswalk and they told me the spare parts might only come in 6 months time and they have no idea if this leather part can be replaced and at what costs. Possibility is high but not confirmed yet. However, timeline for the repair could take many months. The beautiful and friendly SA, Serene mentioned they would have exchanged the bag if it is not a limited edition item which was out of stock in Singapore. She did suggest the workshop can send the bag to Hong kong for inspection to determine if that was a quality issue, but she feels even when detected as quality issue, a replacement will be unlikely since this bag is scarce in quantities. The flaw to her was very minor. And she said the bag was meant to have a rugged look, so some imperfections should not affect the look of the bag. The leather will also aged and darken which may even out the tiny specks. I feel the same way. I will check with LV again in 6 months time should I still feel bothered by it. I should be able to get a quote on replacing the leather part by then. But I highly doubt in six months time I will be so concerned. I am just fussy when the bag is new:-P)

Retail price: SGD $275. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ngee Ann City


Nathan said...

Love it Kev, Congrats :) Compliments it very well bud!

Kevin said...

Thank you Nate!:-)

you enjoy a great wednesday!:-P

evets said...

I got a Taiga Viktor which after 1 - 2 uses there was some leather burnage on the side. I was rather pissed off as it was a new bag by my gf then. As LV lover, I cannot fathom such QC standard. I sent it to LV for repair but it came back even worst as the stiches were badly done and the SA kinda damage it from the way she was holding the bag. It was sad when I went to collect it. To keep the story short, LV manage to do a 1 to 1 exchange for me for their mistake.

Hence like you i am very particular in my new buy and can be picky to the extreme. I would be very bothered by this minor flaw. However considering this tote is a limited edition plus with the camo and to project the military toughness and rugged appeal, I think its bearable.

Btw after 6 months, I reckon the bag will be more well seasoned and it will be just another bag in your collection since by then u would have amass new ones. ;)

Kevin said...

Hi Evets,

exactly my sentiments as well...but considering the bag is limited edition and sold out here...it is not possible to get an exchange. There is no guarantee if they detect this as a product quality flaw, that I will get a Treillis replacement...so it could be all for nothing. I will live with it, which is perfectly okay...since they are small little specks. And for the handles, I doubt they will stay pristine in the long run if you use the bag all the time.so maybe when it attains a patina, the white specks will even out and seem inherent in the leather. I can already see the colour getting slightly darker.:-P Then I can give it a light polish to smoothen the surface:-)

like you said, 6 months down the road, my obssession for this bag will probably be over (as does all my new bags...hehehe). My Guccissima tote bag last only a month. hahaha. Hope this stays longer. In no time, this will just be another bag and I will have new ones to play with:-P

It's sad being my bag eh?

Thanks for the comments. My SA did mentioned too that repairs is not guaranteed to make the item look better. May make it worse!

Enjoy a great day. Thanks for visiting my blog!


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...


Kevin said...

:-P Glad you like it, Alvin!

brandFreak said...

hi kevin :-)

izzit the mini lin key and change holder a seasonal item?

available until when?

do u think i'm possible to buy it by december or coming january?

appreciate ur reply:-)

Kevin said...

Hi Brandfreak, I dun think the mini lin key change holder is seasonal. It should be available at any time:-) So no worries! Just check for stock when you want it...sometimes they get sold out but will be replenished.

brandFreak said...

hi :-)

thx for reply!

i have another question bout the louis vuitton damier ebene beaubourg.

wat u think bout it?

izzit a bag that worth to buy?

cant afford it within dis few months until coming december so izzit available anytime too?

btw,,,seasonal item refers to wat?

sory i'm quite dumb bout brand !


appreciate ur reply!

Kevin said...


Beaubourg is not a seasonal item and hence a permanent collection for LV. So you can get that anytime and stocks will be replenish if they run out.

Seasonal means it is available either for that particular season or sold till stock runs out.

Limited edition are as the name suggest, special pieces created for the runway and hence the quantity made is very small and also with a bigger price tag.

So you should be able to get all the items you want in Dec!:-) Happy Shopping!

Kevin said...

Go try the bag before deciding. If you are tall, then the tote might look small on you. Best is to try the beaubourg to decide. It is a functional bag for sure.

brandFreak said...


thx for ur quick reply!



i'm bout 168cm in height n look skinny,,

so i think it's ok for me,,(mayb)..



mix n match the agnes b nylon duffel wif a LV mini lin key n chain holder,,

izzit weird?


Kevin said...

My best suggestion is still to go to the store to try it to see if the bag is proportion to you:-)

As for the min lin key pouch with Agnès B duffel...dun think that will match up well. LV is a luxury and decadent brand. And Agnès B younger and more fun. The 2 styles will not be very complimentary. Especially so when it is monogram. You need to hook the LV mini Lin with leather or at least bags with some sort of leather. Agnés B is all nylon. So may not work so well.:-)

My 2 cents worth. :-)

brandFreak said...

totally agree wif ur opinion!

i hv such idea coz my finances might b quite tight if buy the mini lin and beaubourg at once,,so was thinking to cut budget a bit on the bag,,



i'm just 18 ,,:-)

my sis said i should goes for agnes B rather then the LV coz i'm stil too young to carry a luxury brand(ppl might think dat it is fake),,

bt i'm so in love with the beaubourg :-(

in a dilemma :-(

i hate making decision ;-l