Monday, 8 September 2008

Great Minds Think Alike...#05

Gucci Chocolate Moleskin Fitted Coat vs. Zara Brown Long Coat

Tonight after work, I finally decided I want to exchange my Zara Checkered Track Style Jacket to the Nylon Checkered Windbreaker I tried on yesterday ('parading' my Treillis bag in the dressing room:-P). I had to make myself pick between the 2 as I feel I do not need 2 checkered style jackets at the same time. I also just bought a Marc By Marc Jacobs Tailored it was an even more valid decision to chose only one from Zara.

Finally, the colour (It's too close to the MJ jacket in black and grey) and the stand up biker style collar is the deciding factor for my decision:-) I believe I do like the Nylon Checkered Windbreaker better:-P

While at Zara just now, I also did a second try-on for the Gucci lookalike brown coat I spotted yesterday. This time I brought it to the dressing room and wore it for my camera test!:-) (I believe if I look good in the photo, then the coat is indeed a confirmed gorgeous piece to own:-P)

Both brand's coat features a fitted cut with the arms cuffs having similar strap/button detailing. The materials are also of a stiffer texture so it stays in shape even on your body. The colours are close too, in deep brown tones. I thought if I change the buttons of the Zara coat to gold/brass ones, that will make the coat even more like long lost brother to the Gucci version! (Finding those button is no problem, have seen those in Chinatown.)

I have posted pics of both coats above. Do you guys see the similarities or am I the only one? Imagine the Zara version with gold buttons on. And dun compare the person wearing the coats:-P Hahaha...I wish I am as cute as him, I'd probably be modelling in New York Fashion Week now rather than blogging here:-) So back to the question...which one will you choose?

Prices are on totally opposite ends for the 2 coats. Gucci Chocolate Moleskin Fitted Coat costs SGD $2590 (available at Gucci Paragon) and Zara Long Brown Coat (available at Zara, Liat Towers) is approx. only 10% of that amount at SGD $299! WOW! Goes to show you can be Diva (or hunk) on a dime! Or get the super hot Gucci Tall Riding Boots with the savings and still get some change back!

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thompsonboy said...

My dear, where are you going to wear the jacket to? with Singapore's climate? Ppl will think you are nuts.

Kevin said...

hahaha...that is only when I am travelling in the fall season. Will not buy unless I am travelling. But then again, I have lots of winter coats...which on every winter trip...I add a new piece..yikes...good advice..I probably not buy at all the coat.:-P