Sunday, 12 October 2008

My Bag Collection #37

Agnès B Voyage Nylon Duffel Bag In Olive Green Colour

Presenting my ultra good deal purchase from Friday evening. Yes, the Agnès B Voyage Nylon Duffel that I have been eyeing for a while now, except I was cheapo and waiting for the next Takashimaya promotion to get it. I was not ready to pay full price for the nylon duffel as it was not exactly my type of bags. I am more a tote bag person. I am only interested in the bag as it was perfect for travelling. As the name of the range suggest, 'Voyage', this bag is roomy, lightweight and features both hand carry, shoulder sling straps...ideal for travelling use! Inside the bag is a nice little nylon pouch that you can probably keep toiletries or some documents. There is also a key fob and lock which is useful for those extra security situations:-)

I have chosen to get the new seasonal colour of olive green, reminiscent of my favourite military hue as the black one is too common and too many people have that. I was sure this colour will be more me. At first, I bought the bag in black, but exchange it for the olive green colour almost immediately. I hope I made the right choice. Oops...:-P

Anyways, if this bag is a mistake, at least it will not be an expensive one since I paid only 1/3 of the full price, due to the discounts and further discounts and $150 worth of Takashimaya vouchers (Redeemed with UOB Bank:-p). This is very much a steal at SGD $121.58!:-P

Retail price: SGD $355. Where to buy: Agnès B Boutique at Takashimaya


00o00 said...

i am liking this bag!!! and you only paid a third of the price!!!


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

The bag rocks! Good choice!

Kevin said...

oh yeah, reaping the 'rewards' of excessive shopping.:-(...I need to not shop with the pending recession. Now utilising only vouchers to shop. hahaha.

Yeah, I paid SGD $127 in cash for the bag. So Sort of 1/3 the price.

And Alvin, I was kinda having second thoughts if I should get the black one instead of this colour. Dunno...somehow I am always fickle minded. When I have the black bag, I think of this olive green one. Now that I have the olive green one, I am thinking about the black one. hahahah. What do you think? Black or olive?:-P

Of course, Olive green is much more unique as black is very common and many people have this bag in black.


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

I still prefer Olive. Black will always be Black, but Olive lets you stand out from the back.

That's corny, but you know what I mean.

Kevin said...

I just spotted a beige coloured one! Oh my...

Temptations galore!:-P



Allan said...

I love it, although I would've liked it if the two straps ran on both sides.

in any case, the bag is pretty.

Kevin said...

Thanks Allan. The more I look at my olive green colour. The more I like it. Thank goodness:-P I was thinking the same as well about the straps.:-P

Ryo said...

Yikes! just stumble upon your blog... and gosh! i bought this duffle bag as well today! but i got it in black... the olive green was indeed very tempting! but i settled for the black in the end... i got a bag charm to go with my bag as well... and lucky u, paid only 1/3 of the price! but without your info, i wouldn't have save so much as well... thanks once again! but do rest assured, the olive green is gorgeous, u made the right choice! *smile*

Kevin said...

Thanks Ryo! Enjoy the bag, sure comes in handy when light and so many compartments.:-P with zips!

harajuku wannabe said...

Nice bag, nice color, nice price. It definately is your "ultra good deal purchase" lol. This bag is tempting me too! Die! I feel like getting it before my trip this Sat but payday is not here yet :( And I have a feeling that by the time I have moolah for this bag, the LE Agnès B bottles would be gone too :(((

Kevin said...

Go get it before the promotion ends! it's a good deal with the promotion at Takashimaya.

agnes rockz said...


excuse me,,

is dis bag stil available til the month of december?

i'm so in love with it but cant buy it nw :-(


Kevin said...

Yes of course, Agnes Rockz.

This is a permanent collection of Agnès B. Although this colour could be seasonal.Dec should see this bag still on the racks, I am sure. Maybe if you are lucky...there will be promotion then and you get some discount!

Good luck!

agnes rockz said...

oh really?

i love discount,,


oh ya,,

the green olive is a seasonal color rite,,

so is there any new color for the same bag available later on?

another seasonal color :-)

god bles i gt discount for it ;-)

thanks alot

Kevin said...

From what I know, there is also a beige, purple and black version. Black of course is the permanent collection colour and rarely goes on sale.

Bear in mind seasonal colour can have a possibility to be marked down during sale time. But it's not often for voyage bags.

allan said...

oh yes!

i jz bought it last thurs!

love it much ~

bt 1 ques...

where is the key for the lock?

i cant find it!!


Kevin and myMANybags said...

The key is inside the key fob. The hanging leather triangular thing that loops over the handle's buckle:-)

Congrats! I love this bag. Very user friendly when you travel becos of the huge front zip pocket!

Jon Zou said...

Hi Kelvin, I know this is kind of late but i am really in love with this bag. Do you still happen to have it and planning to sell? and is this model still in production? I went to their boutiques but did not see this line. Thank you!