Saturday, 25 October 2008

My Shopping Conquest #30

UK Shopping Adventure - H&M

I wish we had H&M in Singapore! They do the best collaboration and their designs are both cheap and yet chic. So a visit to H&M stores in London was a must! Especially again, after Joseph's continous post about the brand and the new fall winter items. The sweaters and scarves and jackets were perfecto!

So after my first purchase of a triple twirl leather bracelet (UK 2.99 pounds), I know I had to get more things. A second visit to the H&M store in floral street (Where Paul Smith rule the streets with not one but 4 stores! Mens, Womens, Shoes and Jeans collections all with their own space. Paul and Joe has a nice store there as well.), I had to pick the chunky knitted scarf (comes in grey and green as well) that caught my eye on my first visit at the Knightsbridge store. (I know...I know...I live in the tropics and do not need another scarf!) And beyond buying the scarf, I also got a nice canvas belt with graphic motif in gold and black. The shiny gold military style buckle makes it special! It also comes in blue and black but I chose gold as I love the bling! Almost guilt free, I paid in cash for these 2 lovelies:-)

I love H&M!

Retail price:
1) H&M Knitted Wool Scarf - UK 7.99 pounds

2) H&M Gold And Black Canvas Belt - UK 3.99 pounds

Where to buy:
H&M Store At Floral Street, London


Kit said...

so cheap!!! cheaper than HK's!!! but H&M is love!

kiko said...

Nice to meet you.
I hope you'll have a nice holiday.

My Shopping Addiction said...

love the scarf, seems very fluffy and comfy

Kevin said...

Hi Kiko, nice to meet u too! Welcome to my blog!

and Kit, yes, H&M has great prices! I love the designs as well! It's good value for great styles!

and my shopping addiction, indeed the scarf is fluffy and very cosy!:-)

fallapart said...

i love H&M too! affordable chic-ness!

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

More more more!

Kevin said...

More coming! :-P