Sunday, 7 December 2008

My Shopping Conquest #40

Agnès B Dogtag Necklace

I have been wearing a Agnès B Dogtag necklace for the longest time. The designs were that of a gothic, rockstar font type of the brand and in a gunmetal colour. Over the past year and more, constant contact with my EDT and of course sweat thru wearing, the necklace has somehow seen its glory days and pending retirement.

So what better time to get a replacement than when there is a promotion going on! Agnès B has been giving a 10% discount since the last few weeks while Takashimaya is giving a further 10% off to Takashimaya credit card holders this week. I grab the opportunity and got myself a new set of Agnès B dogtag necklace at the discounted price of SGD $60.75. I think they are metal with epoxy coating for that transparent coated look. The words on the dogtags of off white and icy blue colour, reads 'Les Volcans' and 'Les Icebergs' respectively. The flip side reads 'Agnès B and some french gibberish' which I cannot decipher the exact words. :-P

I got it gift wrap since it is X'mas season. Lovely box and ribbon. These are like treats for myself or in any case, maybe it will end up as someone's present.

This is one heavy set of dog tags. I advise wearing one at a time to avoid 'injury' to your chest while running to catch a bus or train or cab.

Sort of 'guilt-free' shopping for the week. Not really enough to 'help' the economy. Hahaha:-P

Retail price: SGD $75. Where to buy: Agnès B Shop at Takashimaya


00o00 said...

how do you pronounce agnes b in french?


Kevin and myMANybags said...


I hope I am right:-P I think so. Heard it a few times from the SAs there.

I am clueless about french. I should go learn:-P and move to Paris to join Brieuc and his cute bunch of friends:-P hahaha.

deluxeduck said...

ahn-yes beh methinks.

let's all move to Paris! i do intend to live there eventually.

00o00 said...

mmm alphabet B would not be pronounced in the same way as english, A = air, B = bare

and "s" is usually silent in french

so confusing!

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

I think it is Ai-na-bey... or that's how I like to pronouce it anyway.

Kevin and myMANybags said...
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Shanonymously Published said...

Re Necklace: just fine. Something I won’t buy for myself but better received as a gift.

Re Pronunciation: the "b." should be "bey/bay"

agrasshopper said...

I received a similar set of dog tags from my best friend this year for my bday! It says: "les pyserees" & "agnes b la maison nu l'eau". I think it means a house by the water, it's a place. Mine is white and dark green.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Oh I like yours Agrasshopper! The glitter is nice!:-)

Mine's just plain coloured. But I like the off white one. Will wear that by itself.

Thanks for helping me decipher the writings. It's too script and I cannot read it properly.:-P

harajuku wannabe said...

Hi, I just bought the pink and cream one for myself (^_^) Anyway it is pronounced as ahn-nya bay as written in CLEO mag a couple of months ago when they interviewed Agnes Trouble. Hope this helps!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Thanks for the pronounciation!

It's a cute necklace. Love it very much.