Thursday, 29 January 2009

Goodbye...Nokia E71...

Below: Goodbye Nokia E71...:-P

Below: Nokia's 'Beautiful Connections' Website

Below: Very engaging website user interface...

Below: Interesting short film by Carl Burgess

Below: Very cool and quirky short film by Shft

Nokia E71 Trial Report #02...Time For Goodbyes

Time flies. Very soon it will be the end of my 2 week trial of Nokia E71 phone from the wonderful ladies at WOWworld. Thanks Katie and Steph! I am all ready to return this marvellous piece of technological wonder and I will seriously be considering making this the top choice of my next phone purchase (in the next couple of months).

It may be all the rage for touch screen phones now due to the popularity of iphone, but in terms of practical functionality, I still feel physical buttons to press tops touchscreen any day. I have a Prada phone, have tried on iphone...but the text messaging for a heavy duty SMS user like me, is just not my cup of tea. Hence, when I started using this Nokia E71, I find lots of ease and pleasure in doing my messages. It was fast and very intuitive. I love it. I thought I had been permanently won over by Sony Ericcson now, but Nokia E71 changed my perception altogether. I am happy to say I am a Nokia convert now.

During the last trial moments of the device, I tested the video capturing capabilities of the phone. Suffice to say, although quality is not comparable to actual video camera, what came out of this small device is still impressive. Sharpness is good, the internal mic being very sensitive so it will pick up even the most remote of ambient noises. I especially love the B&W shooting mode which creates a certain artistic quality to the video clip.

As evident in their new Nokia E71, Beautiful Connections website (which I had the privilege of being granted preview access by the kind ladies of WOWworld), imaging capabilities is one of the qualities Nokia want to reinforce for their positioning of the phone. The 'Beautiful Connections' website features an interesting user interface, with the phone's central navigation button as a main source of finding your way around the site. There are four short films created by 4 artists each inspired by the beauty of everyday communication.

I have checked out all 4...and I was captivated. Out of the lot, 2 stood out more for me and they were created by Carl Burgess and Shft. The film by Carl Burgess features 'slithery' images of the artist's daily journey between east and north London. Images of signs, road names and overhead conversations slip thru a hand, somewhat 'Salvador Dali' style and morphing in different forms to give a real visual treat!

The other clip by Shft is very quirky and fun. It shows 2 person (same face:-P) literally spurting out 'communication' at each other. Horses, trees, crushed paper, clouds etc...were exchanged as the characters engaged in a 'bicker'. It's so visually engaging. I was amused and applauding the innovative treatment as I watched. Finally, the clip ends with both guys spurting out a mini version of themselves and a good hug to symbolise a reconciliation of the conversation. Absolutely remarkable! Do check it out yourself at the website:-P

So this ends my trial of Nokia's E71. This is probably one of the best phones I have used and I love 'qwerty' keypads now. Slim, and sexy...Nokia E71 is befitting a fashionisto/fashionista who wants style and substance for their gadgets! Congrats to Nokia for another brilliant innovation.

Source: Nokia


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Wow that's fast. You sure you had it for 2 weeks already?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Oh I got it last monday. And they only can arrange for DHL to pick up on tommorrow will be the day I return them:-) Going on holiday next better return them early. hehe.

how is your trial coming along?:-P

U like the phone so far?


Anonymous said...

they should have let you keep it. :)