Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Material Boy #218

Lanvin Spring Summer 2009 Men's Accessories

Ooooh..I am drooling...more pics of the very 'lust' worthy Lanvin Spring Summer 2009 Men's Accessories. I am loving that pair of lace-ups in suede with a metallic captoe, but done in a very slouchy, low-heeled way. It feels so comfortable and nonchalant!

And all those flowery hats...wearing them feels like you are walking down Garden of Eden.

The ties also come in some of the most unusual textures and styles. Very innovative.

All in all, Lanvin= 'Gorgeousness' + Fabulous!



deluxeduck said...

im with you on the suede shoes with the metallic captoes. me want!!!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I am a big fan of these kind of shoes:-) Quirky formal:-P

Allan said...

I hate you. stop posting Lanvin shoes. they make my heart beat faster. :-P

Kevin and myMANybags said...

'Haters' love Lanvin!:-P