Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My MANy Bags News #34

Below: D&G's multi-zipper 'Lily' Bag?!?! men will have it!

Below: D&G's multi-zipper 'Lily' Bag for women

The Men Do Get It!

Quoting the opposite from a famous tagline by a local bank's advertisements (UOB Bank to be exact) for their women's exclusive ladies credit card...the men do get it this time!

Originally created for the D&G women's spring summer 2008 collections, but the next Fall Winter 2009/2010 season for D&G men, will see the multi-zipper D&G Lily Bag 'butched' up and ready for masculine alpha male types to flaunt it around town.

Gorgeous? Cumbersome? Frivolous? You decide. The good thing I am happy about...the men do get it, at least sometimes:-P



Allan said...

silly waste of leather.

Anonymous said...

i like these, but not enough for baked beans. as im sure they'll be pretty pricey.

Koro Ng said...

It kinnda looks like one of Miu Miu's older designs? Do you remember Kevin?