Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Material Boy #219

Mulberry Taylor Zip Tote & Taylor Tote

Spring summer is here. The influx of colours are always refreshing especially after the dark, heavy colours of fall winter. And for Spring Summer 2009, Mulberry has introduced cheery bags to their range that is sure to garner a smile on faces all over.

What I am referring to is the new range of Mulberry Taylor Zip Totes and Taylor Totes! Made either from denim ticking or canvas, these bags are a real charm to spruce up summery wardrobes.

For the Taylor Zip Tote, the smart stripey denim ticking and colourful acid green canvas features tan leather trims with white or green canvas straps, while the black canvas comes in complimentary tone on tone colours. I especially love the sailor-like feeling the denim ticking material creates, almost like you are basked in sunshine and out to sea along the English coast! The acid green is most eye catching and fun! These roomy totes have a zipped opening that ensures added security.

The open top Taylor Tote, equally smart, has leather trims and handles adorning the exterior and base, is smart while being easy casual style.

Both types of bags comes with a silver Mulberry tree plaque that brands them tastefully.

I want these bags!

Retail price:
1) Mulberry Taylor Zip Tote - UK 450 pounds

2) Mulberry Taylor Tote - UK 395 pounds

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i am so in love with the Taylor Zip Tote. like you either the stripey or the acid green.. i cant decide.... which one would u go with btw the 2?

p76 said...

i like the striped
but matching might not be easy

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Quietlyloud,

I would choose the stripey version. I find it much cuter and chic. Kinda preppy boyish charm

ANd P76, it's easy to match up the bag in stripes. All the summery looks easily fits.