Friday, 30 January 2009

The Material Boy #224

Jil Sander Spring Summer 2009 Mens Bags and Shoes

More and more Spring Summer 2009 offerings are surfacing onto designer's website. I came across Jil Sander's latest offerings and these are some noteworthy pieces that I find appealing:-)

First up, as seen on the runway, Jil Sander's canvas totes with diagonal external pockets are a refreshing change from the 'graffiti' clutter we have seen intruding summer lately:-) This minimalistic design with a clever positioning of the external pocket in some brilliant bright hues, such as the electric blue is sure to give off understated elegance and style. If bright blue hues are still too loud for you, there is grey and white versions for an even more paired down look. Do also take note of the one sided buckled handles on each side of the bag. It's details like that which makes this bag drool worthy:-)

Next up, Jil Sander two tone colour block shoes to add some colour to your feet. Love the pointy shaped lace-ups with a 'trainers-like' sole. It's a synthesis of casual and formal, such hybrid shoes are extremely versatile. Pair it with jeans, shorts or look even smarter with a well fitted suit:-P

Lastly, I am so fond of whites this season. Hence, this simple but yet refreshing design of a Jil Sander strap style/flip flop sandals scores high in my books. I see a velcro fastening and a slight white coloured heel. The cleans lines and non frivolous overlapping of the straps looks in leather makes it an elegant alternative for your resort looks. No sloppy flip flops anymore!

Prices are undetermined yet. But a trip down to Club 21 will provide all the answers. Do I dare venture into the land of temptations and risk more baked beans?...Only this weekend will tell!:-P



Allan said...

the bags make me go, "hmmmm..."

but the blue/white shoe--boy, I think I just creamed my pants.


hmmmm i smell baked beans and it delicious LOL for Jil sander...its worth it

Anonymous said...

Wow ... i love the grey tote and the sandals. So Jil Sander for the simplistic yet elegant designs.

p76/ken said...

saw the blue tote before. it is kinda huge. a little oversized.

xspace said...

I like the Sandals. Very clean.