Saturday, 31 January 2009

Shopping Saturday...'Eat your HEART out' Edition

Below: A little indulgence for me from Mulberry...and their Holiday 2008 Catalogue

Below: Been a while since my last 'dressing room' shot...
Here's what I wore today: My 'fresh debut' CK Calvin Klein pale yellow short sleeve shirt, Miu Miu croc embossed military leather belt, D&G audacious fit jeans and LOVE bracelet, Comme Des Garcons silver print canvas shoes and Gucci G-cut ring. I am carrying Gucci guccissima brown leather tote with 'Oliver' Dog Bag Charm. I smell of ('stealing' from Joseph's scent documentation style) 'I wanna be sexy Jamie Dornan' Dior Homme (lovely woody scent, very unique)

Below: My favourite model, Jamie Dornan and Dior Homme fragrance

An 'Abalone Crepes' Shopping Weekend:-P

Today is the 6th day of Chinese New Year, and being the first weekend after the first and 2nd day (which is mostly dedicated to family), it is the best time for friends to invite one another to welcome the new year. That is exactly what I did for this wonderful Saturday.

I was invited to my ex colleagues house for a gathering of old friends and acquaintances. Lovely time to catch up with old work mates and indulge in a bit of new year gossips and catching up. It turn out to be a really pleasant and somewhat 'yummy-licous' house visit. Beyond all the new year goodies on offer for all of us, my friend catered a very interesting in-house crepe making service to make crepes for the guests as we chat and gossip. It was the first time I have heard of such a special service, where one of the staff from the company will be stationed at your home and make 'custom order' crepes for any guests. That was refreshing and fun, somewhat bizarre. We had a good laugh while we ate. The selection offered by the catering service were standard ham and cheese or mushroom and cheese with other selections of dessert crepes, but my ingenious friend prepared his own set of ingredients and my...are we in for a treat...

One of the self prepared ingredients are ABALONE! decadently quirky for crepes! It's like a east meets west innovation, never heard before. So I had my first Abalone, Chicken and Cheese crepe (Sounds yucky eh?..I had wanted to add some mushroom to it, but thought I am already risking a food disaster so I refrain from adding more fuel to impending food mishap)... which to my big surprise...turn out to be exceptionally yummy. Hmmmm...I am still savoring the taste in my mind. Should have eaten more, instead of the standard ham and cheese. Grrrr.

After a few hours of gathering with good friends...I moved on to Orchard Road to run some errands and do a bit of shopping. I need to pay up for a shirt I reserved at D&G and while waiting for the SA to return from his lunch, I wondered into Mulberry to check out what goodies I am able to uncover for this last phrase of the sale. Never disappointing a trip for a super seasoned shopper like me, I did managed to score a little indulgence for this weekend:-P Besides my purchase, I also received information about the Taylor series of bags for Mulberry Hilton Hotel. They will be stocking Taylor tote in stripe canvas and the zipped tote in green canvas. Both cost SGD $999 and SGD $1199 respectively.

Afterwards upon rounding up my D&G errand, it was to Hermes to check out the espadrilles I had lusted...but to my disappointment, the SA told me the shoe was not ordered for their store and he ask me to check with Takashimaya's outlet. But I could not be bothered since just 2 weeks ago, I did made a check there and no signs of the shoe.

I then continued to the bank for posting of cheques, updating my bank passbook and do a final round of shopping at Kinokuniya, Paragon's luxury stores. From the Prada nylon tote, to Diesel's neon coloured tees, it seems nothing interests me. A long queue as usual outside Louis Vuitton Ngee Ann City, perhaps in anticipation for Monday's launch of the Graffiti pieces. So sad, Graffiti Neverfull is delayed till I will only hit LV again in March.

Finally before heading home, I stop by my favourite store in Singapore, Zara Liat Towers for a quick check on new arrivals, and of course...the long missing 'Dressing Room' shots I used to do! I thought it will be fun to document what I am wearing today. I had something new on. So I did:-P

Nothing in Zara for me either and upon taking the pics, I scurried home. I was at a friend's place over last evening so I seriously need some proper shut eye. Holiday incoming next week! Need beauty sleep. Hurray!


Wax said...

omg kevin! you are now officially my new thinspiration! :D

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

A Mulberry key ring perhaps?

Kevin and myMANybags said... inspired!

and BB...ahah...all will be unveiled in my next post...:-P The clue is in what you read!

Steve said...

Hey Kevin! Love your blog. I have the same Gucci bag and yours looks so perfect and structured. I need major advice. I've only used mine twice but it sags most awkwardly. And already, the leather by the handles has stretched, pulled and morphed into the most ungodly way. I'm afraid that the damage has been done. How do you keep yours so perfect?

Niz said...

I believe it's the Mulberry Heart Keyring. Silver or gold? Haha! ;)

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Steve,

The secret is to keep your bag with stuffing. Stuff it to the max to keep the shape as the leather is soft. Being a soft leather bag, it is not structured so you need to keep it in shape with stuffing. Furthermore, when I carry it, I had 1/3 of the bag filled with paper stuffing at the base and I keep my contents in a paper carrier inside the bag to give the bag some structure. Try it.

As for the handles stretching...I dunno how to remedy that. But when you get a bag, ascertain the weight it can carry. I do not reckon this bag is meant for heavy things, so I keep to a certain amount of contents.

Treat your bags well and they stay pretty for you always!:-)