Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #19

British Airways To Britain/London At SGD$1198 (All Inclusive).

Okay, this does not really qualify as a fashion sales update. But if you look at it another way...flying to London to take advantage of the weak UK pounds for shopping luxury goods, private Hermès sales (which u can snag a pair of brilliant boots for 60% off! We know who got that sweet deal!) and never heard before in Asia kind of super further markdowns (We know who got that sweet deal AGAIN!), then this does makes it worth mentioning.

Get your tickets and go London to 'save' the British economy. In times of adversity...we need heroes! do it in the name of bags, the motto of myMANybags. Plus most importantly, we dun have to be 'jealous' of 'we know who' anymore:-P

Click here to book tickets. Terms and conditions apply of course:-P


deluxeduck said...

lets have a Baked Beans meet in London for a little RT. maybe we can even crash at Mr 00o00's place. how does one month sound Joe? ;-P

00o00 said...

i charge rent of £895 per calendar month to help offset the price of the graffiti keepall. gas bills and beans not included.

yes but come save our dying economy!!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

So Mr Duck...are you agreeable to the terms spelt out by dear Joe?:-)

On a fair note, Joe, we are there to save the economy...we need some discount on the rental:-P Hehehehe. maybe a 99.999% discount? We can supply the beans

deluxeduck said...

Joe, if you're going to charge each of us £900 for a spot on the floor, better lock up that closet of yours. btw, don't we share the same shoe size?

00o00 said...

well am sure we can all share the bed so no need to sleep on the floor :D

you can have my zara and h&m shoes :D

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Ahah...DD and Joe...sharing the same bed...interesting:-P

And DD can raid Joe's closet anyday when you are there.

We will just sit back and watch the whole 'drama' unfold. This is even better than 'Gossip Girl'!:-P

deluxeduck said...

i just got a bunch of death threats from Joe's fans.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Poor Javier...I did not know Joe's bag closet is so 'well guarded'...oh my.