Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My MANy Travel Inspirations - Ace Hotel

Below: Ace Hotel's cool website...

Below: The very new Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

Below: Ace Hotel, NYC

Below: Ace Hotel, Portland

Below: Ace Hotel, Seattle

Below: Guests at Japanese fashion label, Number Nine's Fall Winter 2008 menswear show...
all warm and cosy:-)

Ace Hotel (Seattle, Portland, NYC and Palm Springs)

Cheap and chic, travelling with a budget without having to sacrifice on style. That is the way to travel amidst the current economic climate. Thanks to concept hotels like Ace, we do get the best of both worlds. Interesting space for living while not having to pawn an arm or leg to enjoy hip places to rest our heads on vacation.

With properties in 4 places in the US, my top pick is for the one in NYC . NYC is known for exorbitant hotel prices if you want something out of the ordinary, hip and original. But with Ace Hotel, I think I can afford to divert my resources for 'better use' in the 'retail heaven':-) Fifth Avenue here I come!

The signature industrial, barrack, lumberjack style of interior design shows that true taste does not always have to be expensive. Lumberjack chic, shag like wild rabbits?!?!?!....Oops. (Did I just say that?)

The one in Seattle and Portland features signature Pendleton wool blankets branded with the hotel's name. Japanese fashion label, Number Nine even got inspired by the hotel to do a collection with Portland theme for his Fall Winter 2008 menswear line. Invited guests for the fashion show were given the hotel's signature blankets to snuggle up:-) Cute eh?

And when you can inspire a fashion collection, you are befitting a place to stay for any fashionista or fashionisto:-)

Room rates start from below US$100



wecouldgrowup2gether said...

my friend ema and i have been obsessing over this!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Yes, I love this hotel! At least you can easily try out the place since you are in US! Lucky u!