Sunday, 15 February 2009

Gender Bender #39

Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag In White Crest Leather

After my brief infatuation with the men's YSL Easy Bag (actual name is Hampton Tote) I did more research online to look for additional information and hopefully find a white coloured version of the bag, which would be the ultimate surprise for me. I did not managed to find the men's version of the bag in white, but I did spot one online from the women's range at Saks Fifth Avenue.

To be honest, the difference between the men's and women's YSL Easy Bag is in the size and the women's bag being able to fasten down the sides to get a boxy shape. When you fan out the corners, the bag is exactly the same design. I am now wondering if the smaller women's size may also be a good option for me.

In white textured crest goatskin leather, this beautiful, understated eye candy will stand the test of time and be as chic now as in 5 years in the future. Longevity is the key to bag buying for me nowadays. The textured leather is also sumptous and light-weight that it will not strain those shoulders of any fashionista/fashionisto.

I called the SG YSL boutique to see if they may have a white coloured YSL Easy Bag in store. To my disappointment, the colours available there is only of the darker range, Navy and a taupe grey colour. I will check out the bags next weekend to see if the women's size fits a tall guy like myself. I do hope they work for me! I may just get the store's help to locate a white coloured version for me somewhere in the world if the bag fits! Cinderella scenario?!>!?

YSL, the name for effortless, easy styles!


Retail price: SGD $2360. Where to buy: YSL Boutique at Paragon


logiclooops said...

it's 'easy' on the eyes alright
and looks like it'll look better with time even in white. the only catch is the size...

Kevin and myMANybags said...

It is a easy bag in looks and style...but the size can be the problem. I love the white!

Anonymous said...

ysl in usa has the white women's Easy bag now - but not crest- a softer calfskin, $1295

yenmax said...

I love this white bag. It is perfect for the summer season.

yenmax said...

This white bag is perfect for the summer season. I love it.