Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Material Boy #233

Jil Sander Blue Patent Leather Centurion Sandals High Top Sandals

This is a true surprise! I cannot believe this came from the house of ultra minimalist/conceptual fashion..Jil Sander.

Amazing, even a brand that is always doing modern, contemporary styles have also catch on the gladiator sandals trend and did their own interpretation. Apart from the surprise...I think they did an amazing job! High cut sandals are my favourite now. They hide your slim ankles if you have any (I do! Sob sob!). And the strappy styles wraps the feet and gives it a greek warrior mood. Centurion style courtesy of Jil Sander.

In a lovely blue patent leather, the sandals has velcro tabs to ensure a perfect fit. I dig the covered back heel design as well.

Love it.

Source: Retail price: UK 255 pounds. Where to buy:

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beautiful things // beautiful minds said...

funny you blogged bout sandals. i was never really a fan of 'em until i bought a pair from my fave vintage store. these ones you feature are the kind of sandals i like. ones that cover the heel, providing a way for the sandals to not slip. that said, i so love those sandals.