Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Material Boy #234

Louis Vuitton Socoa Damier Sunglasses

After spotting this pair of Louis Vuitton Socoa Damier Sunglasses in the pre-spring 2009 lookbook online, I can't see to get it out of my mind. I am strangely attracted to the idea of the photochromic lens which darken in bright light to reveal the iconic Damier pattern. Such cool innovative idea! The damier pattern has always been 'handsome' for a guy, and now infused into sunglasses technology, even more suave. James Bond will be proud and lusting for one of these! Definitely a conversational piece when your friends see you shades changing to a checks pattern.

I wonder if the acetate version for women, Louis Vuitton Illusion Glitter Sunglasses (which I have blog about and I feel it works for guys as well!) has the same effect on its photochromic lens.

Nevertheless, I love the Socoa Damier in silver, perhaps when I fulfilled my 'want' list for this season and with budget left, will get a pair of these and start my 'James Bond' impersonation!:-P

Retail price: US $530. Where to buy:


beautiful things // beautiful minds said...

i love the sunglasses! it's so super-spy. also, that barrel bag... me likeee

Allan said...

cool. I want one.

Ruth said...

very nice shades! so sophisticated! me too likeeee.


alan said...

does it available in singapore?

wondering how much the price wil be in singapore..

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Alan,

call the LV Hotline. you can do a stock check with them. The average price of a pair of LV subglasses is usually SGD $800. This might be slightly more expensive.

CHeers, update here if you get it!

It's so smart. I am tempted as well.


Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Ruth,

oh my...Ruth, from matchesfashion! I love your store:-) and the selection. Wonderful range! So nice to have you comment on my post. Welcome to my blog!:-P

Yes, I love those shades as well. Too many things that I want:-P oh my.

Have a great weekend!