Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My Shopping Conquest #50

Below: Louis Vuitton revealed!

Below: My favourite shopping packaging...Louis Vuitton's brown box

Below: Something peeking...

Below: Something 'Green' is here...It's the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Pochette Clés In Vert Tonic

Below: A useful back pocket...

Below: Comparison between the regular Pochette Clés...this is way bigger!

Below: Looking 'colourful' on my Mulberry Large Bayswater...

Below: I LVoe it!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Pochette Clés
In Vert Tonic

(Reveal from 'What??!?!? Shopping Again...')

I need colour this season. I adore bright hues this season. Amidst the gloomy financial outlook and work worries, bright colours instill a sense of optimism and joy. Many designers introduce not only bright colours, they had taken it to the next level of fluorescent or neon hues! Blinding, loud but undeniably chic! From the runways of Gucci, Jil Sander to the ingenious collaboration of Louis Vuitton with the late Stephen Sprouse (which got me into a neon coloured frenzy!), we crave for colours, now and even more.

However, due to the delays of the launch of Louis Vuitton's Graffiti range, I had a bit of neon colour and LV withdrawal syndrome and cannot help but want to shop something before the arrival of Graffiti range. One of the bright coloured items that was launched earlier together with the Roses range was the new series of seasonal coloured Monogram Vernis small leather goods. I had been putting off the idea of purchasing the patent leather items although I was deeply attracted by their cheery colours. I waited. All this holding off just for the 'soon-to-arrive' Graffiti range (I even gave up buying a 50% off white YSL Downtown Bag for the Graffiti Neverfull which I regret till this day!).

The lack of Graffiti found me having the strong urge to buy an alternative amidst the long wait. I ponder thru what to get. And after some quick thought, what else but the cute and cheery Monogram Vernis Pochette Clés could curb the colour craving. There are 4 'delicious' colours to choose from...Rose Pop, Vert Tonic, Orange Sunset and Bleu Galactic:-) I love them all. However, Rose Pop was too girlish for a guy...and it was sold out at time of my purchase. Therefore, I only had to wrestle my choice between the remaining 3 colours. Orange Sunset was also quickly ruled out since I will be getting Graffiti orange and do not want an overdose of orange in my collection. Bleu Galactic was very tempting but maybe a bit too limiting. Vert Tonic on the other hand was simply refreshing and versatile. The choice was clear. Vert Tonic is the way to go! The bright green hue goes well with many combinations...black, brown, white:-P It will compliment well with many more subdued colours.

On a fateful Saturday (24 Jan 09 to be exact), I head down to Louis Vuitton Hilton Hotel and got this new addition to my expanding Louis Vuitton collection...Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Pochette Clés In Vert Tonic. Exquisite in design and comes with a chic metal plate branded with gold Louis Vuitton script branding against green. An external back pocket, green zipper fabric and leather lining, shiny gold loop chain and key clasp are all excellent design features. This is the perfect bag accessory to inject some fun and dazzle the summer thru. The green patent leather is also shimmery in texture, but very subtle. It is indeed a true piece of eye candy. I tried it on my Mulberry Large Bayswater and it looked fabulous against the dark brown leather:-)

I can't help but LVoe this pochette clés.

The friendly SA told me this range of Monogram Vernis is of a seasonal run and will not be repeated once stocks are sold out. I wonder how long till the stocks run out. :-) Questionable...but I definitely want mine when I can get one! (In fact, I had to go to 2 stores to find the perfect piece. DFS Scottswalk had 2 but the condition was less than desired. In the end, I went back to Hilton after first visit to get from that store. I even took the display piece as the new piece was not cut straight enough on one side:-) I am quite demanding with regards to craftsmanship for Louis Vuitton goods. It's expensive!)

Retail price: SGD $455. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique At Hilton Hotel


Niz said...

Congrats on ur lovely acquisition! It's indeed cheerful and fabulous. ;) Personally, I adore the Blue Galactic piece. If only I went crazy in the boutique, the other day... Haha! :P

Anonymous said...

very daring colour, and looking very good!

Anonymous said...

I would have picked that color too. I love green and the vert tonic colorway is refreshing. Congrats! It's truly a standout on your Mulberry.

Boy you've got great taste. ;)

Anonymous said...

this would go quite well with a Graffiti Neverfull. congrats!

LiveLifeLuxe said...

Gosh! We have the same item, except mine is in Amarante! I got it to go with my Alma in Pomme d'Amour (such a fancy name for red).

We have to go out with our Vernis in full force soon – colours galore!

Kevin and myMANybags said...


and yes, Mervyn, we must bring out vernis next time we meet:-P

and M duck, where's your graffiti loot? Show! This vernis piece will hang nicely on graffiti bags:-)

Niz, yes, lovely hue of green...hope will get yourself the bleu galactic soon:-) It's lovely.

and Freshmess (mark), yes, the green just pops. Looks great with deep coloured bags.

and Toosan, you should get one too!

Rene Schaller said...

the mulberry-bag ist really cool, but I don't like the small green wallet. It's the combination of the darkbrown with the apple-green... both seperated are cool.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Rene:-)

Hello! Welcome to my blog:-) Thanks for the comments:-) Always nice to hear different voices and opinions:-)

Yeah, the combination can be off putting for some. But I guess I am in a colour mode...so I do like it. :-)

Happy week!